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Delf Chiwoo Elf Limited

Feb 26, 2007

    1. Find him here. Due for release on the 28th of February.

      Photos have been uploaded now!
    2. he is so damn cute!!!! I need more money! *weeps*
    3. Gah! *falls over* Why do I always only hear about these Luts elves being released after I've already ordered another doll?!? *sobs*
    4. Oh my goodness. And I've been eyeballing Chiwoo.
    5. Dreaming Vampire??? I'm cursing like a madwoman here.
    6. So CUTE :love
      I want to see more pics :love
    7. I hope it's as gorgeous as it should be *___*
    8. I'm such a sucker for dreaming vampires. ; ; I'm half hoping I'll hate it. (Not much chance of that, though.) XD

      He's perfect for everything... waaaah... nooo... I hate you Luts. *shakes fist*

      I reckon he'll be about $625. Same as the Specials are now, seeing as Elf El and Lishe were normal price.
    9. Damn, he's cute.
    10. I'm sort of hoping I'll hate it too XD;

      I wonder if people will be doing splits for the sleeping heads @___@ If he is gorgeous.. then I might want one.. XD
    11. Sooooooooooooo many people have wanted this for SUCH a long time. I'm so happy they've finally done it! I just hope it's not going to be a ridiculously small amount, there are just too many people that want this gorgeous boy ;_;

      (He looks like an older Cherry with that cute little open mouth.)
    12. Hmmm the only way i could afford him at present is to sell my elf el:( but i love him sooooooo ah why oh why does it have to come now:(
    13. Yay Chiwoo! He's so cute as an elf <3
    14. *dies*

      :( ; He's so cute! But I can't afford him... I'm already saving up for another doll and I'm low on cash... DX; WHY LUTS?! WHY!

      Oh I hope they rerelease him like they did with the El and Lishe models when I have the money. :...(
    15. He's probably going to be 200 limited, so I doubt they'd release him as El and Lishe (cuz those originally were under 200 and Luts just made it up to the number 200 this Christmas).
    16. OMG I have to have him O_O I don't care what I have to sell . . .
    17. Oh boy... I hope he doesn't have open mouth, because it would make me want him ;) I'm not sure though, I think it's just the angle on the photo, cuz he mouth in his normal version also looks open in some photos...

      I'm kinda tempted to split just for his not-Vampire NS no-make-up head, if someone wants his dreaming vampire and body. But I'm not certain that he's right for me. He's VERY cute though, gotta give him that :)
    18. Oh, for the love of little green apples...why Luts, why? Yer temptation is ebil.

      He looks gorgeous. This makes me cry.
    19. *Squee*~!!! He's sooooo adorable!! I can't wait till he comes out!! And I wonder if they'll be making a Chiwoo-elf special too? 8D
    20. A sleeping head? I know they're doing a dreaming vamp.. 8D