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Delf Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo discussion

Mar 8, 2006

    1. Does anyone know if he's a special mold, or just a regular Shiwoo head mold? Here's a picture for reference:

    2. He's a regular Shiwoo, just with a special faceup, wig and outfit for the Delf Art.
    3. holy crap. is he selling right now? I've never actually been able to catch a Luts Limited actually at the moment being sold... Man, is he purty... Yeah, he's regular mold, though... very purty stil...
    4. *breathes out with relief* Oh gods thank you... I LOVE that faceup, and since I have a Shiwoo head sitting here dying for a new faceup...

      For some reason his outfit just doesn't appeal to me - but it IS gorgeous. His wig, on the other hand... if anyone wants to sell, please let me know!
    5. Yeah he has been there for a LONG time already, seems he isn't very loved like the others...and this is the wrong section btw :sweat

    6. There are a few of him on DoA. He is my first doll :)

      I really don't think Luts pics do him any justice. He's very versatile and lovely.

    7. you should take some pics of him
      id love to see what he looks like besides just in those luts pics
    8. Wow, if his wig was like...red....he'd look a lot like hide. XD;;
    9. Goodness, I hadn't seen him yet, though I had heard mention of him somewhere.


      I love the wig...not so much the clothes. Yet another option to consider for my first doll now. :lol:
    10. I have one too- my Azriel. I'm not sure why the Cyber Bohemian isn't that popular, but I'm pretty thankful that I was able to get mine several months after the first release! I was so afraid that he'd sell out before I was able to scrape the money together.

      *needs to take more pictures of Azriel*
    11. ^you should! The pics I've seen of him he's so handsome.

      ryuunohime: You can always mix and match clothes.
    12. Oh, of course, but if I were going to buy a full set, I'd want to like the clothes. ^__^
    13. I purchased somebody's CB Shiwoo head and eyes, found a body for him on Y!Japan, and have been attempting to assemble the rest of him ever since. He's looking rather vampirish right now, given his coloring, but he is a very striking boy!