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Delf Dambi discussion

Nov 27, 2006

    1. he looks like mix between harang and moon
    2. uhmmm DIM danbi and now DELF danbi *confusion confusion* :S

      ...he's cute though
    3. Yeah why can't they come up with their own name... ;) Teehee. He looks really adorable from what I can see right now. I love his nose. o_o
    4. Danbi is actually a old korean name. Usually given to aristocrat girls.... ^^;;;; (well i guess not ALWAYS an aristocrat... a few middle class merchant class girls are given this name as well? ) sorta like Victoria?? perhaps that's why?

      Oh and by the way, i checked out the korean section. it says Danbi comes with normal Boy Doll makeup. which suggest either it's actually a boy, or can go both ways??
    5. I'm guessing that, like Harang and Nanuri, Danbi's head can be put on either a male or female body (the newtype bodies). But he'd probably come with a male body, I guess?
    6. He looks VERY pasty whiteO-O BUt i LOVE HIM/HER!!! Now i want another doll that makes my list 101...heehee. I agree that it kind of looks like a Harang

    7. he looks super cute :3 I can't wait to see colour/ frontal pics :D
    8. awwwwww, i was hoping for anothe many doll from them but hes like the womanly harang,:( me disappointed:( oh well its better for my bank:P
    9. He does look around Harangish to me. Hm.
    10. Definitely looks like a cross between Harang and Moon.
      He even reminds me of LatiDoll Red's M/K.

      Well, whatever he looks like, I hope he's not attractive because I can't afford too many dolls xP
    11. He looks like a slightly more manly Harang XD I can't wait to see more photos of him! X3 Luckily, he's not limited, so... I don't have to try and buy him right now! XDD
    12. I think he/she'd make a most lovely girl! But I have a feeling, he/she really is a boy...

      Anyhow, I really like this new Danbi :D
    13. There's a lot of Harang in him(?), and that does look a lot like Moon's jaw-line. I'm pretty taken with Harang, and I absolutley adore Moon... but I want to see more pictures of this one before I get all excited about it. It's very hard to tell what the sculpt really looks like from one over-exposed picture taken at such an odd angle. 0_o
    14. I was thinking the same thing o_o it looks nice, but I'd like to see more! I tried tilting my laptop to see better, but it doesn't really help xD;
      I'm undecided about gender... it could be a pretty boy, or a a girl styled slightly differently to the normal delf style. Possibly a good sister for Moon :)
    15. Hmmm. More pics could confirm if I am in trouble with this one or not. Moon looks too severe for my purposes, and Harang is too little and cute. I could certainly go for something halfway between Moon and Harang with a type 2 body.

      FWD - was going to go with a Yder with a more mature faceup, but his lack of a Type 2 body is kind of a dealbreaker for me.
    16. I was waiting for a new doll to see if I actually want the doll I'm saving for or some other, but like kyliebee, I'm sort of dissappointed as well, he looks like a Harang, guess I was expecting too much. He's nice though. n__n
    17. If only they gave the newer dolls the option of having a type 1 body. Even if I fall in love with this body, I'd be cautious about it because of the type 2 body.
    18. Danbi? well, once again there is going to be doll name confusion (like Harang, which is also a Souldoll). Its not a big deal though ^^

    19. I think he's really pretty! From what we've seen so far, I would have perhaps classed him as a Shiwoo/Harang cross? Can't wait to see more pictures of him, though ^__^