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DELF Elf Yder discussion!

Nov 13, 2005

    1. [edited] bumping the old thread

      There is a newer thread at http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43448 started by Duae.

      I know many of us are waiting for the release date so I'm putting it as a header as I think many will overlook the info I posted in the thread above.

      Some info I retrieved from Luts Japanese/Korea site:

      translated: "2006 January the 26th PM 12:30 1st sale is started"
      Time should be Korea timing.

      Other info from the site:
      Yder-Elf body, Yder-elf head, Yder-elf vampire head, additional hands, random colour 18mm acrylic eyes (instead of glass eyes), cotton pillows, default box, manual.
    2. i hope they'll sell the head seperately... :D elf head :D
    3. I'm actually hoping he'll be a limited and around the same price as Elf El was when he came out, 550 bucks. He'd be the only reasonable price limited I could get. Liria said it's possible he'll be released next year.
    4. Geh, looks like I have to postpone my BJD purchase. I don't want to miss out on Elf Yder. He's so nice and lovely :D Hopes that he will be around the price for Elf El (looks inside her poor wallet)

      BTW, thanks for the information.

      In the mean time, I will need to learn how to sew clothes for my Yder :grin:
    5. Just saw this thread on LUTS QA board

      luts have the plan of the release for Yder elf version.
      i think~ he will come out at Jan. or feb. 2006. (that is not certain)
      and luts will sale the doll by limited edition.
      i will try to make the doll, as soon as possible.
      i wish you will get the doll.
      if you have any question, please~ let me know that.
      have a nice & happy day~!
      i miss you~
      from : your friend....doogi

      doogi is back~
    6. Hooray for Doogi! I was starting to get worried, since he has been gone so long. Is Sean still there, too?

      And, um, hooray for Elf Yder, too ... especially if he comes with a dreaming head.
    7. wow looks like i can juz sell the body :D if i ever get him that is....

      a dreaming head... hmm depends which looks better the one batchix is doing for the one that comes out from luts... :D i'll most likely sell one of them :D

      oh well jan is a still a month to go... :D
    8. *huggles Smile* That is really great news! I am sure you are totally delighted at the news ^_^ I hope you get your Elf Yder too, I will be dying to see him if you really do get him =D

      Wow, with a looming Jan or Feb release, it means like 3 months of intensive saving and all. Now now, if it is after the Chinese New Year, we will all know where the red packets amt will be squirrelled away to =X
    9. yup thank god it's chinese new year :D
    10. Yah, after Chinese New Year ... my poor turtle saving bank.

      After seeing the gorgeous Shiwoo-SP set LUTS is going to release ... make me want a Yder vampire head with elf ears instead. LOLX
      I am soooooo getting this one!
      my dream is an elf El but...well Iknow it ill never happen and Yder is a beauty too^^
      I swear to god I wo´nt miss this oneXD

      good luck everybody
      ot: aré´nt luts mails the funniest? they´re so sweetXD, about sean, a member of the spanish bjd forum was in Korea short ago and met him at the store, so Iguess he´s still there^^
    12. Hopefully I won't miss the sale and have the luck to get an ELF Yder (*cries) Doogi is so nice.....! I am wondering would there be a vampire head in the set like EL and Lishe...^^
    13. Drat. That means luts is closer to making tan dolls then.... -_- OH well. Congrats to those of you who wanted the elf!!!! SO who else isnt an elf yet? Soony, and Chiwoo? I dont remember.
    14. *gets her butt in gear* I've only got $300 left... I CAN DO IIIIIIIIT!!
    15. i have yet to see woosoo in elf :D
    16. I still got 600 to go...though I have an elf yder already.
    17. Hmm...even though I really REALLY doubt I could get that much by the time he comes out I'm going to give it one hell of a try.

      *eyes stacks of books* Ooooh yes...to ebay we go precious...
    18. wahahaha

      sak any books on programming or anything... i need something on dreamweaver... :D

      oh well i'll beheading him once he arrives... unless there's a need for a body... :D

      i only want heads :D since i have a yder so i can exchange them around :D

      happy new year :D yder is gonna beheaded... now i sound like some EVIL excutioner... ROFL
    19. That's good news! But... ACK. January or February? >_< Haaalp! ;_;