Delf girl crazy legs?

Apr 29, 2005

    1. When I first got my CP Soo and CP Lishe bodies they posed really well...

      but over time... now my CP Soo body is absolutely impossible to stand. I mean take into account that I have the old SD body too, so I'm very patient with getting bodies to stand! *_*... but I can't get her to stand hardly ever. Her legs keep wanting to crumple beneath her or kick up, it's like she has no stability and no sticking to her joints at all. *_* I know she wasn't this bad when I first got her, and I know lots of people here have CP girl bodies. Any suggestions? Hopefully not all of you are suffering as much as I am?

      I really like her slender frame, and I don't want to get another company's body to replace her, I just want this one to work like it's supposed to!
    2. Aimee, I have had the same thing happen with mine. I did take them, lay them out straight over night and she seems to hold the standing pose better now. I don't know if they have a "memory" in the cord and it holds a bend or what. They are all three standing over on the cabinet now, just beautifully. one leaning to the side as she was posed and the others upright. I too am curious as to what others have done when this happens.

      Hope your girl decides to "fly" right!
    3. It might be that her elastic is too loose to hold the legs straight. :/ it's a fine line between too tight and too loose on the non-locking dolls. From the way you make it sound, the crumpling knees, it may be that she is too loose, rather than too tight. Maybe try giving her a temporary tightening? Reknot the elastic tighter, but don't cut it in case you want to switch it back to the looser tension.
    4. that sounds like a very reasonable solution...! It would make sense that she might have loosened over time. I'll give it a shot.
    5. I think we should start a petition for CP to introduce locking knees on the Delf-line, as they seem to be the worst kickers.

      Sueding the knees and thighs might help too...

      I have a more drastic plan in mind, ever since I discovered the secret behind my LovelyHouse body's knees, I've been thinking of taking the dremel to my Lishe body and see if I can give it locking knees.
    6. My CP boys both do that, actually. Both boys have been taken apart a couple of times and adjusted, but no luck. I decided to wire them to see if it would help. Even with really thick wire in them, they bend their knees while standing up, then buckle over from their own weight! (Hmm, I guess they need a diet?)

      It doesn't seem like either are loose. I do agree about needing a locking mechanism in their knees. There's nothing for them to catch on.
    7. I actually just got Lishe today and her legs will not stay straight at all either. I put them straight and they kick back within a minute or 2. I love the shape of the body and I love the face a lot..

      I hope there is a way to remedy this wild leg thing. I had a Shiwoo Elf for a short time and his legs seemed to do that too. I actually had kept him in his box almost the entire time I had him.
    8. In working with one of the dolls, I noticed that the cap like piece that is supposed to be in the hip section is now up in her upper torso. Should that piece be glued down and would it help on the kicks? Arched back?
    9. I wired Ghaleon's legs and that helped a lot... but he still likes to snap in half and head butt me. :S
    10. I wired my lishe and restrung her with new elastic and that seemed to help okay. Then when I was blushing her and took the wire out and restrung her, she again really has the crazy legs, she can't stand up at all almost. So I'm wiring her again ASAP- it helped so much more then I realized!
    11. He still does my AES, but not as bad. I keep Elessar flat in his box when I'm not playing with him, and he hasn't got any better.

      It must be the design, though, because their arms pose just fine.
    12. I've heard that if you order elastics from a company other than Luts, that they'll stand better...that the luts dolls Elastic doesn't really have the right tension to keep up a doll. Just a thought. Try some Volks elastic in her, or perhaps DOD, who seem to do a fabulous job of making their dolls stand.
    13. hrm... well at this point I'm so frustrated I'd try almost anything!

      I could order some elastic the next time I order from Volks... and I have some wire left over from my SD in my closet, I could try that too.
    14. It doesn't have anything to do with the type of elastic, its simply a design flaw, since the elastic is looser when the doll is in a sitting position than when it stands, and there is no "grip" in the hips or knees, the elastic and limbs flip into the position that causes least strain on the elastic.

      If the bit that sits inside the lower torso half on CP female bodies comes loose, just glue it back in. It has nothing to do with the elastic in the legs (other than it being stung through it) and only helps to keep the upper torso from flipping backwards.
    15. I have the same problem with my Chiwoo, and I am really hoping I won't have the same problem with my EL which I haven't received yet. I reason I waited so long to get EL was that I had enough with the Chiwoo standing problem. I really love the face and just couldn't get around the body design.

      At first I thought it was elastic problem too, then I realized it's just the design... :oops:
    16. I had a simmilar problem with Gabriel (my chiwoo) for a while, but after letting him lay flat at night he fixed himself. Now he stands really well (almost better than any other doll I have come in contact with so far), but I think that he might get a little too loose soon and will need to be restrung... Vallen and I had to restring Jaede because his elastic got too loose and he wouldn't stand at all.
    18. :( That's one of the main reasons I sold my shiwoo. I have an MSD that I've cannibalized and have at JUST the right tension with some moleskin to stand and pose, and she's great, and no matter what I did, I could never get the CP body to have that level of stability (I've learned now that the big dolls all around pose nothing like the little ones because of the center of gravity and all.) So anyway, as much as I loved my shiwoo head, I won't get another CP because I couldn't get around the body. Congrats to those of you who HAVE gotten around it, it took more patience than I could put forth. I think CP is the only set of dolls I would reccomend knee locking to.

      BUY MORE SHIWOOS! I love looking at them!
    19. what kind of st uff did you try with your CP?
    20. I'm in the same boat, Aimee. When I got Jaede almost a year ago, he stood very well, but now it's different. Setsuki and I restrung him (as she mentioned above), but his legs still kick out a little. If I knew how, I would definitely wire him and put some moleskin in his lower joints.