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Delf girl feet and SD13 size high heels

Jan 1, 2006

    1. I want to order a pair of shoes for my forthcoming Soony, but I don't know which pair to get! Hopefully someone can help me in the next day or two. :wiggle

      I love these:
      But I'm not too sure what "For 13 GIRL HEEL PARTS" means, since they don't have optional feet. It looks like they have little flexy joints in their ankles and a small arch.

      Will they fit on her feet? I'm not so concerned about her standing in them, I'd just like to know if her feet can physically go into them at that angle with no damage to anything.
    2. If they sell it, it should fit her. I think the 'heel parts' thing is just to say that it has high hells (remeber- this is a korean site that does have a few dodgy translations...) ;)

      I have been told that high heel can make it hard to get your girl to stand up- but these shoes are lovely! If you still have doubts- drop a note on the eluts message board and doogi will tell you what you need to know.
    3. Her feet would fit, but not properly. You wouldn't be able to stand her up in those shoes. They are ment for Volks high heeled feet.
    4. I don't know... I have a pair of Dollheart SD13 girl shoes (http://www.dollheart.com/shop/shoes/LS-103.jpg) made for the high-heel feet, and both my DD and my CP boy can stand in them fine.
    5. I have a pair for my Yeondu. Standing... eeeee... heh heh ^^;

      Also. CP girls feet are much smaller than Volks feet.

      And the slop of the dollheart shoes are significantly shallower than that of the luts shoes. I have dollhearts as well.
    6. Any of the girl shoes with heels that *don't* say "for 13 girl" will fit Delf girls (and they will stand in heels, Aislinn is standing in these shoes in front of my Christmas tree right now!)

      The Delf girl measurements say that her feet are 6.7cm long, and the 'inner foot length' of these shoes are 8.2 inches, so it's *conceivable* that they'd fit . . . the question is whether the slope/bend of the shoe sole would work with a Delf girl's feet.

      As long as you aren't *counting* on standing her up in them, it might be worth a try to find out, they're lovely shoes and you could always resell them if they don't fit.

      If they DO, let us know, they're delicious!!

      -- A (darn it, Luts, make high-heel option feeeeeeettttt!!!)
    7. From what I've heard (which is quite a lot) they should fit, though I'm not sure if she'd actually be able to stand. My girl Costa can wear a pair of shoes she received for Christmas from Dollheart marked for SD13 girls with heeled feet and with a bit of effort, she can stand in them. I'm sure she can wear the shoes, but ask a bit more before buying them.
    8. No kidding!

      And yeah. They would 'fit'. Just not well enough to stand her in, due to looseness, and because the foot shape won't support the weight and ankle angle.

      Though, built up sides may act as reinforcement. You can always do as suggested, and the shoes. If they don't work out, you could probably easily sell them. ^^
    9. I got a pair of cheap Obitsu 60cm type high heels for my Dark Elf Soo and she can stand in them quite well. They are very tight since they're plastic, so I have to take the liner out and cram them onto her feet. But once I've got them on there it's a really nice fit and they look great. I've also been able to cram them onto my SD10 Chii who has really chubby feet.
    10. Tight shoes act differently than loose shoes when it comes to standing a doll. ^^
    11. Thanks to everyone for all the information! I'm going to order them and try it. :chibi They won't be big enough to seem out of proportion with her body and as long as she can be "sitting pretty" in them, I'll be more than happy! The boots are so Victorian and elegant and I can already picture them with a bunch of different types of outfits. :drool:
    12. Please do let us know how they work out -- I've got my eye on those shoes as well :D

      Good luck!

      -- Andi ^-^
    13. So far she can wear all SD 13 girl shoes with heels or flat, just check her measurments on the eluts.com website and it shows how big her feet are. Hope this helps. Oh she also wear SD 10 girl shoes as well.
    14. There are some shoes put out by eLuts and Dollheart that are specifically made for the volks high heel girls. I hear the CP girls can wear some of these, but it's hit or miss. If they state they are for High Heel parts girls then they are made for the high heel feet. The top shoe you chose looks like it's made only for these doll, but it will say specifically on the sale page.

      Anything stating they fit SD9, SD10, SD or SD/13 girls should be fine though. ^_^ Those are made to fit most 60cm flat feet girls, even if the shoe appears to be high heeled.
    15. Thank you both very much. :) You've been very helpful.
    16. The first two pairs ae made for high-heel option footed girls. The first pair may fit okay, but the second would look kinda silly even if it did fit because its open footed (in other words her foot wouldn't rest along the inner sole, which is visible). I actually have a pair of the second ones, I don't think they'd fit anyways. I don't have a Delf girl anymore to try them on, but just from looking at them I can tell it wouldn't work. The third pair should fit atleast good ^^

    17. Thank you so much Sera! :) I really appreciate it! :aheartbea