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Delf Girl hands #3 & #5 in stock

Feb 16, 2006

    1. Ah thanks for the info, those were just what I was waiting for. *goes to order the hands* :)
    2. Me too.....I have been waiting for them to be in stock which seems like forever, so when I saw them, I had to post it here cause I know others are waiting for those also.

    3. They've already run out :(

    4. Sorry to hear. Maybe they will restock again very soon. When I bought mine last night, it looked like they still had 3 pair of each left. You would think they would put several up there due to the many requests for them. Ii i happen to see them in stock again, I'll be sure to post it right away.

      :) Staci
    5. :eusa_pray Thank You Staci! I had posted 2 on the board's website to please re-stock the hands, my Lishe was getting tired of the givin the pinky at me.
    6. You're Welcome! I know what you mean about Lishe's Hands. She is so beautiful, but what's with that hand? I never understood what gesture that is. I ended up switching my DES right hand with Lishe's until I could find new hands. The pinky hand looks better in DES anyway. :)

      :) Staci
    7. They have restocked the hands!!!! Just to let you know! Get em before they are gone again!

      -Staci :)
    8. Yay! I just ordered like 5 pairs of hands and two bodies. :) They haven't been stock in forever!!
    9. Cool!!!!! I hope they keep restocking so everyone can get a pair or two. They seem to be in high demand.

      :) Staci
    10. ^^ Whee I managed to order number 5 set of the hands yesterday, now my Miyu can stop pointing her finger on me. :P

      There are still some hands left if anyone is interested about them.
    11. Awesome! We will all have some happy girls now with their new hands. I can hardly wait!!!!

      :) :) Staci