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Delf If & Shine Discussion~

Mar 13, 2007

    1. Eeee I luff Shine *gets needy*
    2. anyone know korean?
      "해피 화이트데이-"

      i wonder what does it means ^.^
    3. Uhm My translator says it means "The blood white day to do -"

      XD; now this is from Bablefish, so its probably super wrong.

      I'm kinda hoping I don't like them. D: I wanted to order a different doll this month.

      (Also Meeve, I love your icon <3 Kana is like the best character in BKI, I would totally love to have a doll of him +_+)
    4. Aww, they both look nice (If's face reminds me of Elf Lishe, for some reason). Can't wait till Luts gets more pictures of them both from different angles up! :D
    5. I don't know why, but If reminds me of a female Dambi! XD I think she's adorable! I can't wait for more pictures. She may ruin my plan for a big Soo and I might get an If instead.

      As for Shine. I think he's very sexy. >w< I might start saving for him too.
    6. Wind Spirit Lilly: bable fish tranlation is always sound so wrong haha ;P i suspect is it to do with wedding? *_* cos of the attire. ok i think too much lol

      (yay for BKI!!! kanna is total hotness in that series. i love akizuki too ^^ my boy will be cosplaying akizuki during a cosplay fest at my country, mid of this year)

      i seriously hope i won't fall in love with SHINE *_* i can't afford to add more to my list T_T
    7. a wedding.. or maybe they're both vampires +__+.. probably not. A wedding is what I thought of as soon as I saw them.

      ;o; Luckily they dont seem to be limited so.. thats always good, right? >_<;
    8. They both remind me a bit of Dambi and El..
      Hopefully they're not limited. I just might cry xD
    9. yup ^^ both vampires will be great <333 *_*
      now we shall wait for the killer photos to be uploaded on the releasing date.
      i told myself i don't wanna add another sd doll to my list, nooooooooo
    10. Is Shine an elf?
    11. I don't think they are limited. If they are limited it'd say that already, no?

      Shine is cute but face looks a little narrow on that photos.
    12. Wow, big eyes :o Very pretty!
    13. Oh, it would be nice if they are vampires, or at least release a vampire head kinda like their "special" set w/c included a sleeping head, only this time, it's a vampire head.

      Pardon my babble, I just love vampire heads XD .
    14. I <3 vampire heads too XD; It'd be nice if they released them without having to buy the special set~
    15. wow so pretty, but school has blocked bigger pictures! when i get home i'll have a look. cool new delfs! argh i hope it doesn't unsettle my plan for El in the next few months >__<
    16. If looks like a large version Shushu and Shine looks like the large version Ruth
    17. IF has 20mm eyes so doesn't look like Lishe. Reminded more of Miyu. Hope their new molds and hope they're either Vampires or Elves. I can never have enough Elves !!!!!
    18. If's eye shape is the same as my shushu's
      -suspects her to be a sort of delf version of shushu-
      but she has a Lishe yaw line.

      I hope they put up more pictures soon!
    19. They'll probably put pictures up sometime Tomorrow.