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Delf KUM-RAN & Special

Oct 24, 2007

    1. mhmm...wtb more pics =/

      She (I'm assuming its a she) doesn't really grab me at all from those pics. Blah new luts moulds are all starting to look the same...
    2. Yeah I was thinking the same. -_- I reckon it's a girl too, the hands look like the girl hands.
    3. I wonder if she will have a type 3 body..... XD I've been waiting for my miyu order til they realese a type 3 body... *hoping*
    4. Looks a little like a Dambi's sister. Not really impressed yet with the pics. :sweat
    5. He/She reminds me of a Dambi/Harang mixture. O_o
    6. I dunno why...but she seems to me as a delf Moon girl version o_o....eh..she doesnt look as pretty in the pics, lets hope for better ones ^^
    7. Looks like a Harang girl! :D
    8. seems odd theyd do a female version of one of their less popular molds .-.

      from what i can see she doesnt grab me, but maybe done up differant she'd look better
    9. agree with everyone else. she looks like harang to me too ^^;
    10. I want to see better pictures, those ones dont give much away, but I'm sure its a girl too
    11. She looks more like Dambi's sister to me than Harang's... But I think they're both cute in a goofy sort of way, so she'll probably be cute to me, too.

      Hopefully they'll post more pictures in a few days.
    12. Ahhh, I was like HECK no when I saw that Luts released a new delf. But if it was a boy, I would be screwed. But I first thought of a delf version of Shushu.

      Dunno. I'm not to crazy about Luts new dolls. :|
    13. If that thing turns out to looks like a Delf ShuShu in better pics... I'll be in trouble...
    14. Eh, I'm not sure if I like her, I'm assuming it's a girl xD They really are starting to look the same =.=
    15. I'm guessing its a girl. Dunno, her face looks more girly to me. Although, do did Harang, then i was all OMFGGUY?! ^^;;

      Kinda makes me think of what would happen if you mixed Harang and Shushu's resindna and made a person[doll] out of it XD I think shes cute so far, but i need more pics.

      Oh, luts, if you give me a girl i fall for i'll bein trouble. I've already got a list!

      ....although this freaks me out, because i had a dream a few nights ago that Luts released a new doll >>;
    16. I just saw that today. Man, I want to see more pictures before I make my decision, but I agree she kind of looks like a dambi/harang mix.
    17. you know...why DONT they make a delf shushu. im sure she'd sell well...and god knows alot of people want one
    18. Ah if they made a delf Shushu I would faint!!! Their face reminds me of Ruth as well, a little...I guess they remind us of all dolls...? ^^;;;;;
    19. Mmm, just saw this, and I'm also unsure if it's a boy or a girl, and if I like it or not. I might, if it's a girl.