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Delf LU-WEN Limited

Aug 16, 2007

    1. luts is doing it again w/ the new dolls.

      its a regular DELF this time. looks to be an Elf to boot


      whatdoya guys think?
    2. luts: "oops i did it again!~"

      us: *groooooooan*

      lookies like an el to me..
    3. I think he's pretty O: he looks kind of like Shine to me though. But I love Shine too XD; so myah ... Wonder why Luts has had so many events this summer.
    4. yep, looks like shine very much.
    5. maybe he *is* a slightly modded Shine (with elf-ears:whee: ), similar to how breakaway is a variant of El and Woosoo is a variant of Chiwoo?
      and I´m really unhappy with him, because I love him, his faceup, his wig, and his outfit. I don´t have the money for him - I should be saving for Japan and have already two dolls planned:|
    6. why does luts keep making such small heads lately :( his neck looks so long...
    7. *wants* reminds me of shine too
    8. Im not in love... yet!
    9. he reminds me of Yder... more Yder than shine

      He's lovely though i haven't fallen hard yet... when is he due for release? I adore that outfit and wig ^^

      i got a feeling it's like woosoo and breakaway again...
    10. Hmm. I like him. But I was hoping for some new 40cm boys. All these new Delfs and Senior Delf are killing me. *_*
    11. omg the wig O_o i love the wig! i hope they make similar for msd >_<
    12. wow he's a lovely looking guy! i'm liking him quite a bit~ can't wait to see more pictures of him~ :D
    13. ::makes grabby hands:: :drool
    14. yeah, i agree. his neck is rather lengthy! XD he kinda reminds me of shine too...crazy luts and their limited dolls!
    15. am curious abt the vampire head XD
    16. Wait!! LOOK!! It says "New Body Type 3"
      New delf body???? Oh no! I hope its not real skin!!!
    17. he's totally a modded shine o.o
    18. I don't like him that much, thank God... but the vampire head may be a killer.

      Gah, type 3 body? Nooo, not real skin! ; ; That means no beauty white, right?
    19. I am not familar with real skin o__O, any resin difference besides it won't have white skin??
    20. Ah~! I am sure that it must be the new joint system. Which makes me very happy, although realskin only would be problematic for my poor WS Nanuri 06, who really needs a body.

      I am going to delude myself into thinking that they'll stick to the old skin tones, for just a bit longer.


      In any case, I find him to be very pretty. I actually like the small head and long neck, but that's just me. I definitely look forward to more pictures.