Delf Moon Special discussion

Jun 15, 2006

    1. Oh no, not another doll :(
    2. I suppose this might be the other boy from the dollshow pics... I hope he's not too awsome- I can't manage another doll right now! XD
    3. I think it's just the Moon with his sleeping head, right?
    4. raishel- thats what im thinking since all the other "specials" are a open eye and sleeping/dreaming eye set of doll heads
    5. Ooh, I can't wait to see his sleeping head! It better not be too cool or I'll have to add money to my savings goal. T_T LUTS, I love you, but... noooooooo! @[email protected]
    6. He may be a Dreaming head rather than a Sleeping one ('Eyes half opened rather than completely closed... Like the El, Shiwoo, and Lishe SS versions-).

      I hope so... :3
      Not that I can actually afford Serras any time soon. :ablah:
    7. That would make it worse 'cause I would love a Moon Dreaming head. T_________T Dangit, LUTS, update with photos! XD;
    8. ...or a Dreaming Vampire. O__O *dies*

      ...that would be pretty...but I'm only sunk if they offer an Elf version of Moon, since I've come to the conclusion that the Moon face is the only mold out at this moment that suits Corinthienne's oldest brother, Nyx Draconis....
    9. Hi all
      Finally,the SP Moon is Dreaming head.Wow!!!!I love Moon!
    10. Are you sure that's a Dreaming head? It looks like a Sleeping head with heavy eye make-up to me...

      Which is good.

      For me, at least. :D

      (It means I don't want him. I like Dreamers. A lot... But for the most part the completely-closed eyes on Sleeping heads don't appeal to me. ^_^)
    11. It looks like I dreaming head. I think I see eyes peeking out there. >_<; I wish they would post information along with him so we could know for sure. (And a price, please, because I need to bump up my sig. *eyeroll* ) He's awesome... *swoons and is dead*
    12. Part of the problem is that ALL the luts defalut shots are take atthat angle with the head tipped own so it lmkes it hard to see!

      Someoen coudl ask on the Q&A broad...?
    13. Question asked! ^_^ Now we just have to wait. XD
    14. He's a dreaming head, not sleeping. :)

      Hi~ lovely redderz

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for interest our Dolls.

      The MOON-Sp extra head is Dreaming Head(Half eyes open head).

      If you have any question, send mail to me or do write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......SEAN

    15. Oh.


      [laughs] And with that, I become doomed completely. :D

      (Sannru, in the background: "Doom is good for you. Just don't tell your accountant... I don't think he could handle it.")
    16. FYI-

      XD Maybe if you could wait for a while before buying a moon, we could split a special? :sweat I'm not getting one for a while, but I'll gladly split with you.
    17. I don't know what the time frame would be... It won't be soon, though. I just bought the Pups, so it'll be awhile before the doll fund is replenished.

      He'll happen eventually, though. ^_^
    18. Sold and sold.

      Or he will be eventually. At some point. Indeed. *is prodded by Lilly to order her damn brother already* @[email protected];;