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Delf Shiwoo wig size?

Jun 28, 2007

    1. Can someone let me know the circumference of Shiwoo's head please?

      I found a lovely wig that's 8-9 inches (elastic) but I know Delf heads can be pretty big.

      I can't find it on the site >_o;

      Thank you ^_^
    2. I know two people who have Shiwoo's and 8-9inch wigs fit them perfectly ^^
    3. Fantastic! ^^ Thank you! ^^ *hug*
    4. I'm bumping this because I was wondering if size 9/10 could fit a shiwoo.Any help?
    5. It fits, but I think you'll need some velcro for the wig to stand better ^^ (if you don't like using velcro on the wig, I'd recommend the 8/9 wigs! They fit my shiwoo's head pretty well with no need of velcro!)
    6. is there also a difference between type 1 and type 2? type 1 usually have bigger heads. so will a leeke 9/10 wig fit those?