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Delf Tanning Skin Shiwoo released

Apr 27, 2006

    1. :lol: that made my day!

      So how long does Luts usually take between the time they announce something and release it?
    2. <3 Thank you Ardi <3
      I lub you.

      Goodness he's gorgeous.
    3. Knowing luts? Whenever they very well feeling like it. One day it'll just pop up without warning that its for sale.

      Luts... *glares* Give us the price so we can start saving and drooling at the same time... >.>'''
    4. damn another tanning like sakuya..... *sobs*

      well i am not a fan of shiwoo... but he;s hawt~~~~~

      damn luts i tot i would never get anothe doll... :(
    5. Discuss the hotness. ;_;
    6. Oh SNAP. I was hoping he'd come out LATER. Now i have to wibble between buying him or my DSLR...
      though the promo pics make him seem to be a lighter skin tone.. I was hoping for the nice chocolate the El seems to have...
    7. one touch head? i think a tanning el cost around 630.... but the way the newer dolls are priced i think round the 700 mark... lol

      *mutters about not getting one...*
    8. Uh-- I recall--
      wasn't it $650-ish??

      But yeah-- I would think it would cost the same
    9. I just love the lipstick kiss on his picture :) 'S a pity I can't have him... but should I see him on the market later on in the year (MUCH later on in the year), I might just give myself an early Christmas present. Um... yeah, so, basically, he is teh playboy smex, but I have no monies :...(
    10. You know they always put a hecka lot more light in the promo pics for that nice, washed out look. x) I'm sure he's gonna be sooo nice and dark..
    11. He's cute.
      But then, he's a Shiwoo. They're always cute. :D

      I really don't need another Shiwoo, though, so I'll just grin at everybody else's owner pictures when they get him. :)
    12. With THAT jacket? Oh yeeaaah. XD
      Do you think he'll be limited? The others had limited in their name and he doesn't. o_O
    13. I'm actually very attracted to the tanning Shiwoo. x___x'; And I have the money to boot, which doesn't hurt too much either... xD
    14. omfg!!!! o,O he is so hot!
      i hope he will be time limited not number limited!!
    15. wow, that's amazing. When do you think he will be released?
    16. Dang, and I just ordered a normal skinned Shiwoo for my first doll -_-no pimpness there.

      He mighty hawt though!
    17. OMG! Yes! My dream has come true~! :D I'm so totally getting him!
    18. Oh dear god.... Luts IS EVIL. This just cinches it for me. They want me to be broke for the rest of my life.
    19. Oh my, I had lost all hope of CP releasing more tan skin dolls! I love Shiwoo, and he looks amazing in tan skin. I may have to consider getting him instead of the other doll I was planning to get to be Shiva's brother, he looks so perfect for the personality . . .