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Delf Type 1 vs. Type 2 vs. Type 3 Bodies Discussion (head swapping info here too)

Aug 8, 2006

    1. Hi,
      I just bought a Shiwoo head. Yea!!! I will not have the money, for some time, for a body for him, but can someone tell me the difference between the two types of boy bodies found on the eluts website? One is older maybe? I can't tell the difference, if I go to purchase one on down the line. I guess they are the same price. I supose get the newer one?

      Are these boy bodies ever found on here for less price then on the eluts web site?

      Just gathering information. I do not have the money to buy now as I said. I however am so excited!!! This is my first bjd partial purchase! A custom Shiwoo vampire head! hee hee!! I am looking into possibly getting a complete girl doll too. She would be my first complete doll. Yeah!! I like dolls!

      Thanks for any help.
    2. Version one has the s hook, which you'll need. Version 2 has the one touch system, which Shiwoo does not have. And yes, you can find them on here for less.
    3. I recently purchased my first BJD from Luts, a CP Lishe. I named her Lily. Inside the box with her, much to my surprise, was a NaNuRi head, which I wasn't expecting to get because Luts said they were running low. So he came w/o a face-up. I am planning on sending him away for one while I order a body for him as well. But my question is this...it is my understanding that he will only fit the new body type, is that correct? So, how do I know which of Luts' boy body types is the new one? In the Options Parts section on the Luts website it has 2 boy bodies listed: Delf Body Boy Type 1 & Delf Body Boy Type 2. Is it safe to assume that Body Type 2 is the new one?

      Any help is greatly appreciated!:)
    4. You are correct :3 the type 2 body is the new one!
    5. Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    6. New styles heads can also be used on the old style bodies as well but they will need to be strung on like your Lishes head.On the new bodies, the one touch system can be removed and the doll strung in the old style as well
    7. ok, I have just noticed that now most of the Delf boys and girls have the option for New body type or Old body type.
      What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?
      Is one better than the other?

      My boys and my girl have the old body type and I feel very comfortable with them. Actually I wouldn't know what to expect from the New type, especially when it comes to restringing, now that they send them loosely strung.
      And I have seen some cases of cracked necks. Is this caused by the New body type?? Scary! :o

      What are your thoughts or experience on this?

      PS: My MiniFee Shiwoo has the new body type, but it somehow seems scarier in the larger dolls ^^;;
    8. I have the old type body for my Lishe and I love it and would not change it for the world. The new type body was designed with a neck mechanism to change the heads easily without taking the entire doll apart or using forceps to clamp off and hold the elastic and then pull the head off the S hook and reattach it again, too much drama but you get the idea. If you look on the website it explains the new type body and how it works on the Q&A section. Also the new girl body no longer has the seperate torso joint, she has the lower joint which I don't like personally but it does show her midsection better in bikinis without the waist joint showing.
    9. Thanks, derilan85 ^^
      Well, I do know how it works with changing heads and all, but what I want to know is about restringing with the new type body, how do you do it? Or see if anyone knows about the neck cracking thing related to the new neck mechanism that I saw in some posts recently, or if it happens in both.

      Personally I'm happy with the old type, but then again I have never seen the new one in a Delf ^^;;
      And my MNF is strung tightly, so no need for restringing or anything. And now they are sending the Delfs strung very loosely, so that's my main concern.

      Anyone else has had any good/bad experiences with these body types?
    10. Maybe I'm mad but I much prefer the idea of pulling up the head and struggling with it than the easy way of turning the switch. XD It helps me bond much more with my dolls doing it the old way! :sweat

      Luts are sending the new types loosely now because the first ones they sent out were strung tight and the pressure on the mechanism cracked the necks. x_x Personally I don't like the movement that I've found with my MNF Shiwoo, he has a very snappy head, I guess you know how that is too! XD

      So my vote is for the old bods. ;)
    11. I actually like the Type 2 girl bodies with the lower waist joint better than the Type 1s, and having the same neck diameter as the boys means that things like a Chiwoo girl or a Lishe boy are easier to do. You don't have to mod necks or heads.

      Restringing is no harder on a Type 2 than it is with a Type 1. It's done exactly the same way. The hook that holds the elastic is just connected to the underside of the neck piece instead of going through the top neck hole.

      As for the necks... It worries me a little. Obviously it's a design flaw... but all of the cracked ones I've seen have been tanned dolls, not ordinary white or NS resin. I suspect that the tanned resin may just be more brittle than the other types, and more prone to damage from the impact of the internal s-hook in the neck, but really only time will tell. I know I'm more wary of playing with Karru (my tanned Shiwoo-) than I am of playing with Amber (my Moon) or any of the Harang guys, though.

      When I have him apart for sueding, I think I'm going to put a layer of moleskin around the inside of his neck, to pad it some. I may end up doing that with all of the Type 2 bods, just as an extra little bit of insurance. 0_o
    12. Ah, right... yes, I do know how it is! ok, so it affects the movement of the head too ^^;;
      I think that would bug me even more with the big ones than on a mini :|
      Thanks, xredderz!
    13. Thanks, Brightfires! ^^

      uhm... so then to restring you can actually remove the neck mechanism?
      And you got a tanned Shiwoo too!? lol, nice! You have every Shiwoo version out there!! :D
    14. I'm biased because i love my tan boy over my NS type 1 (favorites!? *guilty* Dx), but still each body type has it's advantages/disadvantages..

      Type 1 is tried and true, and of course has a better range of motion and posing possibility than the snappy type 2 heads..

      and Type 2s! (Yup you remove the neck mechanism to restring..:3) Whenever I change Amarok's (tan el) eyes I remove his entire head to do it just because I feel like I have better access to his insides and it's easier for me to position his eyes that way..With my NS Shiwoo I dread opening his headcap for ANYTHING..he still has a slight lazy eye going on because I don't like fighting with his headcap/s-hook combo..Amarok is so much easier for me to deal with stringing/handling wise, actually..and he's a lovely shade of tan! x3

      as for necks cracking..I think it's due to a combination of things..the lowered pressure from pulling down at the headcap to pushing down on the neck and the different neck sizes (boys' necks are now thinner than they were..) I've used these in some other thread somewhere, but type 1 and type 2. Ehh, as you can see in type 2's picture, Amarok's neck is kindof scratched from the s-hook/neckpiece whatever..But it's still hidden, you can't see them when his head's on..

      Ifever Amarok cracks or breaks I'll be devastated. Dx I love the boy too much. ;_; He's fallen on his back a couple times like my Shiwoo has and he's still in one piece..not even a chip. (I've had him since February- i bought him second-hand, so he's one of those December '05 Els, sent off strung tight and all)..I don't know, I tend to take pretty good care of my stuff, so I'm not very "HOMG BE CAREFUL HE MIGHT DIE TODAY" or anything..he gets the same handling my Shiwoo does..actually i handle Amarok more than Jay so I lied-- he gets MORE handling than my Shiwoo does, and he's been fine in my experience. Even at school and the like..I've never considered being more gentle with him just because he's type 2..he's pretty durable, i think..:\

      Oh and, type 2 (boys, at least) are shorter than type 1..i remember someone else posting about that, said there was a difference in the legs..

      Sorry if i repeated anything that was said before..i confess i only SKIMMED the other replies. <_<!

      (OT - haha, nice sig edit. Lawliet! xD)
    15. Yep. The leg elastics are attached to a hook on the underside of it. Once the legs are apart, you can just lift it off and the elastics will come right up through the torso and neck opening of the body to be tightened or whatever.

      I took the neck piece away completely and replaced it with an s-hook and one of those little resin doughtnut pieces when I put Sannru (Vampire Elf Yder) on her Type 2 female bod. It's just a little loose piece. It's not connected to the body of head at all. ^_^

      And.. yeah... I've somehow ended up with a "full set" of Shiwoos.

      I guess that was kind'a inevitable. :D
    16. Over-all the Type 2 guys do seem to be a little shorter... But it's sort-of a funny thing. The Type 1s aren't all the same height either. 0_o

      I lined my guys up bare-footed on the kitchen floor the other day just out of curiosity, and there was more than a centimeter height difference shoulder-to-shoulder between some of them. Teacup (Elf Shiwoo with an original NS resin bod) and Nightengale (BW Dreaming El with a bod made last spring) were the tall ones of the bunch. Tien Jen (Dreaming Shiwoo on a NS El bod of unknown vintage) was the shrimp.

      Nezumi and I had both noticed that he seemed to be a shorter than Fuan when we were posing them together. At first I thought it was just a matter of shoes (Fuan wears them, Jen doesn't-) or maybe head size (Even though I'm pretty sure Dreaming Shiwoos have bigger heads than Els-), but... no. Even without shoes, there's a noticable difference. 'Mold shrinkage, I guess.
    17. okay the type 1 is the one with the mature curves and the joint on the chest, right? and the type 2 is the one with the twistie thingies.....

      oh one more....can the ones with the twistie thingies tilt their head? you like "im so innocent" look......or the is one with the s hook can only do that?
    18. Oh, I have questions as well! For the Lishe on the luts website -- you can select whether you want the old body or the new body. If you scroll down the page, they show a picture of what looks like an old type body with the head mechanism. So is that the old type body, or the new type one? I'm guessing that it's the new one, but I wasn't sure if maybe they're just sending out all of the Lishe's with a head mechanism and you're just chosing if you want the torso joint or not.

      And I wanted to know people's opinions about the new girl body -- mostly what it's like not having the torso joint. Does it bother you, or is it really no problem at all?
    19. Brightfires, so old type heads can use the new type body? Because more and more I'm thinking of getting a Yder girl but I don't want to have to mod the neck.

      And does anyone know what hands the new boy bodies come with if you buy just the body? It looks like El hands in the picture. Blegh.

    20. oh yeah...i saw that too....so what now? is that a new or an old? can i have that body for my soo special or is that only for lishe?

      oh wait one more:sweat well luts said that they'll do all dolls with the twistie thingies so does that mean you can have the jointed torso and have the neck mec at the same time? did someone recently order from luts? what did you get? the neck mec and the jointed roso or the neck mec with the hip jointed torso?

      dorkurz and i have the same question