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Delf X-MAS EVENT JURI 2007 Limited ~ Type A & B ~

Dec 4, 2007

    1. I started a fresh thead for these two here. :)
    2. ~Updated~ (Japanese web site)
      *Period:from 2007.12.8 Noon in Korea to 2008.1.14 Noon

      *Who can get them?:The buyers of DELF or MINI FEE

      *You can choose A or B, You can choose Normal skin or White skin.


      1.When you don't buy DELF or MINI FEE, you can not accept this.

      2.They come without eyes/hands.

      3.These heads will not be sold in the future.

      4.Please do not sell this head.

      5.Only 1 time you can have this chance. You can not get two heads even if you give us order over twice.

      6. They are for new type body. (Body 2)

      7.JURI head has no make-up. When you need a make-up, please order "make up" and let us know your order is for JURI.

      *When you have questions, please use Q&A board. Thank you.
    3. The info has been updated on the Luts english site as well

      Season's greeting!

      Finally we prepared JURI event for merry Christmas and last day of year!
      Please read carefully and if you have questions, please let us know.

      Term : 8/December/2007 12:00 pm ~ 14/January/2008 12:00 pm

      Target : Only the customer who orders Delf, Delf Body parts, Minifee(Except for Delf head, Minifee head & MINIFee body and all of small body parts) during the event era.

      Detail : Offer Juri head to targets who made an order and completed payment during the event era.
      Please let us know the request of head type(type A/B) and color using by customer's request note.
      If you want to have make up option on event head, please select make up order on the LUTS-OPTION PARTS > Make Up.

      # We think there will be many confusions and rushes on order, so we are asking to refer the follow notices.
      - This is event for only Cerberoth Project dolls which is Delf and MINIFee.
      - Please set the order carefully. Changing and edditing orders will be main cause of mis-shipping and delaying.
      - Please do not asking for offering another heads or custome make up on Delf X-MAS EVENT JURI 2007.
      - There is possibility of early ending. We are asking for your understanding.
      - None member can not be on the event benefit.
      - Only one member can get one chance to get the event head.
      - You can check the detail of Delf X-MAS EVENT JURI 2007 Type A/B Limited on LUTS-OPTION PARTS > Parts of DELF.
    4. You can only buy the specials to get these dolls like El Special or Harang. A regular one headed doll does not count.
    5. IF, SHINE, and MIYU count.
    6. No that's not true here's what they say:

      [self-check of ualified for X-MAS EVENT JURI 2007!]

      Members who ordered following items will be on the JURI event.

      Delf :
      LU-WEN Limited, CHIWOO-ELF Limited, HARANG Limited,
      CHIWOO/special, SHIWOO/special, EL/special, LISHE/special,
      SOONY/special, SOO/special, MOON/special, DAMBI/special,
      YDER/special, KUM-RAN/special,

      MINIFee :
      SHIWOO-ELF Limited ~ Happy Hours ver.~,
      MARCIA/special, RUTH/special, SHUSHU/special, ARI/special,
      SHIWOO/special, EL/special, LISHE/special, SOO/special,
      CHIWOO/special, SHIWOO/special

      Option part : Delf Body GIRL Type, Delf Body MATURE Type, Delf Body MATURE Type 2,
      Delf Body BOY Type 1, Delf Body BOY Type 2,

      So if you get a body only you get the head.
    7. For the people who are having confusion. As Luts stated on their Q&A, when then said "SHIWOO/special, EL/special, LISHE/special," Ect, that means Shiwoo or Shiwoo special, El or El Special, Lishe or Lishe special Ect.
    8. Latest Update...

      Also during the event era, there will be 5% off the price and 5% of store credits on Delf and Minifee dolls. (dosen't include option parts)

      Wow... Luts are really being generous, aren't they... :)