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Delf Yder and Elf Yder - difference in sculpt?

Aug 30, 2006

    1. I have a question, of course. Is the Elf Yder sculpt the exact same facial wise to the regular Yder? Cause, I really want a BW Elf Yder, but if I can't get one, I was thinking about getting a BW normal Yder...but only if there faces are exactly the same. (Or, really close. I know, its impossible to have a sculp look EXACTLY the same...)
    2. I only have an elf yder and ive never seen a regular yder in person but i heard that the elf yder's features are a little thinner than the regular yder
    3. Well Elf Yder still isn't sold out at the LUTS website, so you can just buy your BW Elf Yder X3

      And there are a lot of BW Elf Yders available on the DoA marketplace...but I can't really say if Elf Yder and normal Yder are the same. I think Elf Yder is the only mold that almost looks 100% the same as it's normal version...unlike Elf El and Elf Shiwoo

      But only someone who owns both could answer that for you ^_^

    4. If there are any differences between the two, they're very minimal. I didn't have both heads here at the same time to compare, but I didn't notice anything that was very obviously different between the two. The only thing I know for sure that's different is the head sizes. Elf Yder's head's a bit smaller, but I think the sculpt is pretty much the same. So not identical, but very, very close.
    5. If I had enough money, I would buy my Elf Yder. xD But I don't know when I'll have enough money, so I want a second choice because there probably won't be anymore when I get enough money. :sweat
    6. And, thank you for your fast replies!!

    7. Of course I can understand that, but Elf Yder is pretty easy to get ahold of on the secondhand market ^_^ [I sold my BW Elf Yder head a month ago]

    8. I haven't seen an Elf Yder in person, but in photos they look very different to me. I can't pinpoint how exactly, except that I like one sculpt and not the other. I think I'm unusual in seeing a difference, though; most people don't seem to notice.
    9. I have a Normal Yder and I saw someone's Elf Yder in person at Dolls and Friends. The biggest difference that stands out to me is that Elf Yder seems to have more hooded eyes, it makes him look more sleepy and languid than the normal Yder.
    10. Ah, thanks. ^^ Oh, and the reason I want a brand new Elf Yder from Luts (and not from the marketplace) is because I have a custom face up I'd want done. ^^;;; ::is too scared to send her dollies off to have face ups done::
    11. The main difference is the head size of these two. The elf head is noticeably smaller than the normal head, as can be seen in this photo.

      Elf Yder Vampire(modded), Yder(eyes slightly modded), Elf Yder

      And if you want more Yder and Elf Yders together, here's a photoshoot i did of my Byakuya and Arithion's Kian. :)
    12. since i've had both i can say that they are very different in my opinion. the new "elf/vampire" Yder's head is smaller to the point that i couldn't put the same wigs on him that i did my regular Yder and i found the eyes to be different. I think regular Yder is more masculine - but this is my opinion :)
    13. I think Elf Yder looks VERY different to normal Yder. XD It's the lips mainly, they're a lot smaller, and the eyes also look different to me. ^_^
    14. I have both in BW with same face-up. Though the difference in official photo has to do a lot with the face-up, the elf certainly has narrower features and smaller head. Other than that, they are fairly similar with the exception of ears ofcourse.

      *Edited-added a pic
    15. bump! i'd like to hear more about the differences if anyone else has any observations!! it's hard for me to tell exactly...
    16. Hi
      I have an elf Yder vampire head. I bought it a while ago. They are a beautiful sculpt and the face up on mine was done by Arky Rose who has a great talent and makes the face up stunning. Mine has been modded by Arky - the eyes have been enlarged at the bottom. I did have the head on a body but the body was an Obitsu and I have sold it, so at the moment it is in the orginal box. I was thinking about listing it on ebay soon but havent got around to it yet.
      The main difference I can tell with the two heads is that the Vampire elf has been made to look more dainty than than what I call the human version of the head.The elf has smaller features like nose is narrower, lips are a little smaller. Other than that there is not a great deal.
      I compared mine to my friends human version!!!