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Delf Yder as a female?

Aug 1, 2005

    1. Does anyone have a Yder female? And do y'all think it would look good to make a Yder female?
    2. All Yders from DoA members are male, I guess. But maybe a picture of him with long wig would give us an idea. =)
      I'm curious about it too. How would Yder look as a girl? ^^
    3. [​IMG]

      Hope that helps.
    4. Wait, you mean Yder isn't a girl? :lol:

      He's reeeeeeeeeally androgynous. If you could find a workable body, it'd work well, I think.
    5. *laughs* That's great! Your boy looks so.... girly! XD
    6. I think he would make a very fine girl indeed :3

      Hm... I have an urge to dress my Kyril in a skirt or something now >:D

      Kyril: *glares* >:E
    7. Everyone thought my Yder was a girl at first, and though I had gotten the wrong doll. They kept asking 'Didn't you order a BOY doll?' and I had to prove to them that I did. ^^'; I think he would make a very good girl.
    8. I still think he looks boyish in that pic, Kat. ^^
      Or is it the make-up?
    9. Yeah, he looks like a really cute bishie... :grin:
    10. I tried to make Victor into a girl when he came but it just wasn't happening. at all.

    11. I want to see a Yder girl too <3
    12. :o :D :grin: Ok.. I might just have to make a Yder girl myself. Durn you kat, your boy is such a pretty girl. lol.

      Oh, I hope you don't mind kat put I dazzled that pretty pic of your's up in photoshop to give your boy a girly face up.. enjoy everyone.. maybe this helps?

    13. Wow! :D The darker lips are great! Looks fabulous!
    14. Wow, Bounty with that photoshopped faceup on Kat's Yder...he looks like he'd make a REALLY pretty girl. I'm so tempted to get myself an Yder girl now...wow...just wow.
    15. he woud make a stuning girl, i tried my yder head with my SD13 girl body and it wasnt sucsesfull, the head is littel small to the body in MO and the head hole was biger than the nick so it was sinking to 1/2 the nick so u can emagin u need to add more rasin to the head hole or the nick to ajust fine.
      dunno about other girl bodies though. <ps my ydr is wb, and my sd is new pure body> if u want pix tell me i may re do it again for pix sake <oh my poor fingers>
    16. I know, as I was doing the colors and stuff I realized how pretty he.. erm, she could be. Thank you for all the good comments, btw, I just HAD to do it to see how he would look as a she.
    17. ok here she is :lol: :
      Yder wb/sd13 new pure skin:

      after softening the face color by PS:

      defrent wig and no colors distracting:
      and as i stated earler the head hole is big that why u see the head titeld to one side, i did put some tessus to stuff the hole and to stop the head from sliding to the middel of the nick.
    18. I think with the right faceup Yder would make an excellent girl.
      An androgynous head - yay! :)
    19. I'm finding I really like Yder as a girl. Anyone have a Lishe/Soony they could try the head out on? The SD13 body actually doesn't look that bad proportionally, but Luts heads are designed for slimmer necks so it looks a bit odd.
    20. bumping for more pictures of Yder as a girl ^.^