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Delfs going back to glass eyes

Nov 26, 2006

    1. Hi lovely every one~~

      We always appreciate your great concerns about our dolls!!

      Now we have some important notice for you.

      Delf dolls which weared 18mm acrylic eyes because of temporary difficulties might be change to glass eyes from 27, Nov. 2006.
      And total price would be changed as upper price plus 10 dollars.
      (You know glass eyes are more expensive than acrylic ones.)

      Please check following change list for your information!

      Delf : Chiwoo, Chiwoo special, Shiwoo, Shiwoo special, El, El special, Yder, Yder special, Soo dark elf, Soo dark human, Lishe, Lishe special, Miyu

      If you ordered above dolls before this price change, you will get the doll with acrylic eyes.

      Other dolls(which wear 14mm, 16mm, 20mm eyes) have no change changes of prices.

      If you have any questions, please give us email or use our Q&A board without hesitation.

      Thank you for your understanding.