New Doll Delia SP version Limited time open: 0:00-24:00 31st Jan 2021

Jan 10, 2021

    1. Dear doll fans,

      We are so glad to announce Delia SP version ( sleeping version) will be open sale :
      Open sale time: 0:00-24:00 31st Jan 2021

      Oder form please see pic 1.


      Thank you.


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    2. We will be offering 15% OFF for Delia SP orders.
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    3. Dont you sell any clothes without having to buy a doll to get it?
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    4. She's absolutely gorgeous! :love Would it be possible to order full set of this doll + the normal open eyed Delia-head as extra with her? Delia's been on my "must get one day"-list for a while and now that there's this sleeping version too I just might have to order her finally but it would be nice to also have her with open eyes.
    5. you can buy outfits

      Hi, sorry the head part is not for sale separate.
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    6. I'm sorry to ask what is probably an obvious question, but I saw a dealer say that this will only be available until the 24th of January. I am reading this here as the sale starts on the 24th. Which is correct, please? I really would like to order the outfit set but I didn't want to email if the sale hadn't started. Thank you! :D
    7. How do you purchase the outfit separately? There's a listing for Delia SP on the website, but not for the outfit. Could you provide pricing information? I know it's listed in the Delia listing but I was unclear if that's what the cost of buying the outfit without the doll would also be.