New Doll Demiurge Dolls - Eagle

Mar 24, 2017

    1. Hi friends!
      I like to present my new big boy ;) At this time just a head, without body.
      The head is limited, only 33 items will be released.

      Head Size: - 8.5 inches (22 cm)​
      Eye Size: 10-12 mm
      Neck Size: 11 cm
      Skin Color: Normal, White ​

      (Demiurge Dolls)

      Head price $170

      More information and photos see on Demiurge Dolls
      If you have any question please write on [email protected]
      Thank you!



      He's a pirate (c):apirate:

      Blank head
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    2. What body do you have the head shown on in these pictures?

      And congrats on a beautiful head! He is absolutely gorgeous!
    3. Thanks!
      This is Demiurgedolls body. Eagle needs body with broad shoulders and height about 70 cm. Head looks great on Dollshe Arsen body
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