New Doll [Demiurge Dolls] Jericho & St. Jericho

Aug 3, 2020

    1. Hello, everyone!
      We're happy to present new doll named Jericho, a Wasteland Wanderer.
      The head is limited, only 30 Jericho and 30 St. Jericho will be released. When sold-out, it won't be (re-)released again.
      Jericho is available to order like a head or a full doll.
      Any layawayt is possible. Well, just write to us and we will arrange everything with you ^__^
      To see more information about doll, photos and how-to-order please visit our website
      Demiurge Dolls

      Jericho. Seeker. Wasteland Wanderer.
      Many a legend is told about him by those who dare to step into the domain of the fallen.
      Some are afraid of him, others just fail to believe in his existence.
      He is said to roam the dangerous Wasteland in an eternal search, and woe to those who meet him with bad thoughts.

      The author of the legend @zim_hara (instagram)
      The author of literary translation @NKBCLI (instagram)
      The author of the head name @dedrastarling (instagram)
      I am eternally grateful for your help and inspiration in creating this magical and mystic image ^____^

      [​IMG]IMG_3426-11 by Demiurge Maeglin, on Flickr

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    2. What is the difference between Jericho & St Jericho? And what is the additional price of the faceup? He is very handsome. :)
    3. St. Jericho is the head with half-closed eyes (3d photo). A comparison of blanc heads is available on the website and on Flickr.
      Thanks ^____^
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    4. And faceup cost is $90
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