Demiurge Dolls

Mar 2, 2014

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      Demiurge Doll's website:
      Link to the news post on DoA: Alexey and Nikita.

      I’ve been lurking these dolls on the artist’s dA (Maeglindark) for some time and would like to see if there are any owners of these dolls on DoA who could share their experience... and photos of course.

      The body poses look quite nice according to the photos on the dA website.

      So, has anyone got any of these dolls and have any photos to share?

      More links:
      Demiurge dolls on dA, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.
      Wiki page.

      Resin color comparison: link
    2. Joining this thread…because I too have been sniffing around these dolls for a while and would love to find out more...
    3. You can find some home photos here:
      It's Demiurge Doll's club at Russian BJD community.
      There you can also find dolls discussion thread, it's on Russian, but you can use Google translate =)
    4. I have a Maybach and a Nyashko on order (just finished my last layaway payment). They should be ready to ship in just a few weeks. ^___^
      So maybe they will be here in a month?

      I have been checking the Demiurge Doll's club and enjoying the photos - and using google translate to read comments. I just wish I could remember enough Russian from my year of it in university, to sign up and post there (and navigate better!). (I actually found this post by way of the DD club post! lol)
    5. I'm waiting for Maybach also- I think it is the one of the greatest male sculpt for face and body ever)
      Will spam the thread when I'll get mine!!!
    6. Waiting for Maybach also! They will have a suprise also _in_ these boys...
    7. I got my shipping notice today! ^____^
    8. OMG, this is so exciting. I, too, have followed Maeglin on dA & wanted Maybach, but although that body is fabulous, he's just too big & heavy for me.
      now I'll get to look at all your resin men. woohoo!
      I hope anyone who gets one of her guys will post a pic (and link to your flickr or DOA gallery thread) here so we can enjoy vicariously.
    9. Yes I am excited to see the new boys arrive. I love the little heart she puts inside of them...
    10. We can track him together!
    11. OMG....haha...that is so awesome! I love the idea!
    12. aernath: love it! :sumomo:
    13. I absolutely love the Demiurge body, and I'm wondering whether it would work with my Global Tranz Core head. The poor guy just doesn't look happy on the Dollshe Pure body he's using right now, even though of course it does fit; he wants a bit more muscle development, and I can't blame him. (Plus, my Bernard would kinda like to have his body back.) When the Demiurge orders come in, could someone check resin match with Dollshe/Dollstown orientalskin, pretty please?
    14. I'll try and remember to! I have a Dollstown Hwan in oriental.
    15. Eh, I'll keep an eye on this thread and beg again when they start arriving! Thank you -- I'm really hoping that this might be a solution to the Core problem.
    16. I congratulate them for this beautiful Doll, and I hope it comes quickly to them!

      I have a Renault Head & Maybach and can only say the dolls are made ​​with love. You can feel it the same when they are unpacked. The body posing wonderful. I had something tighten the strings, and insert supplied leather strips and silicone rings in the joints. Then he was perfeckt!
      Here's my Renault head
      (Face Up: by Utukhu)
      My Maybach is still very pure. It takes me very long to make a character ready.
      I hope I still get a Hummer and wishes me a Alexey from Demigure.
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    17. stalking this thread :p. That body is a thing of beauty :D
    18. Your Renault looks wonderful! I know your Maybach will be as well! I look forward to seeing him!
    19. Thank you, aernath!
      I am also looking forward to pictures of your Maybach!