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Demiurge Familiars

Apr 7, 2018

    1. This thread is for Demiurge Familiars Nyashko, Madamoiselle and Elf
      Discussion and photo sharing but follow the one photo per post as this is a discussion thread.
      Demiurge is a Russian BJD maker.
      Familiar size listed in the Wiki. Demuirge Wiki page

      Demiurge is a Russian BJD maker. I fell in love with the little familiar but was unable to get one when they first came out. I was able to get one second hand and I haven't regretted buying him. He is so much fun.

      My latest photo of him. I call him Twig for obvious reasons. I have three faceplates, one with blue eyes and two with brown eyes (light and dark) and a closed eye head. He is wearing an outfit for a pukipuki and it fits perfectly. I did have to take off his feet but I used the hand paddles just fine for his feet. He does have hair for his other heads but he is cute without hair don't you think?
      [​IMG]twig and hallo by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      I'd love to share experiences with others that have these little darlings.
      #1 SteamWitch, Apr 7, 2018
      Last edited: Mar 17, 2019
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    2. I had never heard of this company and just checked out their website. That Elf is now being added to my wishlist. Does anyone own one?
    3. I haven't seen one yet but hopefully someone will see this and join us.
      Blue eyed Twig/Winter
      [​IMG]winter twig by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    4. I don’t have an elf, but I do have a familiar! My boy is named Asa. I’ll have to share pictures now that he is officially on topic.

      I missed the first pre order, but was able to get one during the second ordering period. I would have loved a face plate with the elf ears! I’ve always wished my guy had them. So far, there has been a pre order for the familiars in December.
    5. I don't own any of the familiars, but I do think they are very cute :D

      I really like your Twig @SteamWitch
    6. Thank you! I'd love to have an elf faceplate too. Maybe some day. Here is another Twig personality, I need to work on his eyes.
      [​IMG]twig n rainbows by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    7. Twig is adorable! I hope other owners will join. I don't have a Demiurge Familiar myself but I'd love to.
    8. [​IMG]The White House! by aernath, on Flickr

      Hopefully this works. Trying this on my Fire...
      I actually got my Nyashko in the first order. I just could not resist!
      And I want more. If course. Elf for sure...hoping for another release of them when I have the money to snatch one up!

      This photo was the last time I took him travelling with me..three years ago!
      I feel shame....
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    9. @aernath ”Shirt? Who needs a shirt!” Great picture!
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    10. That is a cute one.
      I tried this with a magnet that used the top head magnet to hold it on, so it swiveled:sigh:|. Perhaps if I added another in the back of his head it would work better because he looks quite cool with this colorful mohawk.
      [​IMG]twig wig2 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    11. Shoot, that reminds me I have some of those extra hands around here somewhere... haven't even tried them out yet!

      That's a great way to do a mohawk! You could make several and change them up on the fly!

      We started out with this wig, which is actually on backwards, but it looked better this way...

      [​IMG]Zhook - Demiurge Dolls Nyashko by aernath, on Flickr
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    12. Twig was helping me by modeling wigs slightly too big for him. I'm making some for my little Granado Lucifers and he looked so cute in the turquoise wig I made one for him.
      [​IMG]Twig got his very own wig by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      I'm going to get him his very own bartender outfit so he can work at the Pub too.
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    13. Awww! That wig is perfect!
      I can't seem to settle on eyes for my guy. I keep changing them out. Some days I like sparkly eyes, and others I like normal type eyes. I wonder if you can get cat eyes this small?
    14. Thanks I'll do a little styling but he looks great with it wild. When he gets his bartender suit I'll have to tame it.
      BTW I've seen 6mm cat eyes on Etsy.
    15. Oooo! Thanks! I'll have to go look now...
    16. @SteamWitch loving your little dude. He will be adorable in a bartender suit.

      Revival of this thread reminded me I need to make some better shoes for my boy. I guess third time is the charm.
    17. I bought the Azone picco nemo waiter outfit for Twig and happily it fit. He looks so happy and I'm happy too.
      This is Winter Twig with white hair and the blue wig on top. I had glued white hair just to his faceplate so it looks really great with the blue hair.
      [​IMG]Winter Twig by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. Where did you buy the suit from and do they have other clothes?
      he looks so cute!
    19. I got these from amiami, but they are Azone Picco Nemo clothes, they don't have a huge selection of boys things but what they have is really cute. They are short in the arms and legs but they do have shorts and short sleeved outfits too.

      Edit: This is the Azone Pure Neemo XS boy though they are close to the same height, the Pure Neemo is much bigger around and Twig would swim in the clothes, but they could be altered, I suppose. I just get the Picco Neemo for Twig.
      #20 SteamWitch, Aug 19, 2018
      Last edited: Aug 19, 2018