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Demon Garden 1/4 Mini Girls

Oct 26, 2009

    1. Hey, just saw these lovely ladies posted on BJDCollectasy and I thought they were super cute. They're named Lian, Amy, and Shelly and are in a new non-toxic semi-transparent resin (probably like the environmental resins that are being released as of late). Three resin colours as well.

      It's great to see Demon Garden producing female dolls and dolls in 1/4 scale.

      Preorders are being done through HappyHouse.

      Total high: 42 CM
      Shoulder : 9 CM
      Neck : 7.5 CM
      Bust: 16.5 CM
      Waist: 14 CM
      Hips: 16.5 CM
      Feet long: 5.7 CM




      *****Photos were taken from Happyhouse for reference.
    2. These look interesting.

      I wonder if there are pics of their bodies and their posing abilities anywhere...
    3. miffimifster, if you go to their pages on the Happyhouse website and click on "more images", you can see body pictures.