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Demon Garden*Valentine's Day Event*- BOY DOLL'S BODY ON SALE! Only $175!

Feb 6, 2009

    1. :daisyDemon Garden 1/3 Boy Doll's Body:daisy

      Original price: $195
      Going price: $175 (10/2-14/2)

      The best Valentine's Day gift.
      Only 4 days! Don't miss this chance!


      Height: 61 cm
      Height(without head): 55 cm
      Circumference of neck:10 cm
      Shoulder width:13 cm
      Length of arm:18 cm
      Bust:25 cm
      Waist:20 cm
      Length of leg:31cm
      Circumference of thigh:15.5 cm
      Circumference of calf:13 cm
      Length of foot:7.5 cm

      :daisyMore DG Dolls(Basil/Beau/Derek):daisy
    2. I thought DG are ban?
    3. Sorry,I don't know what's mean?
    4. look at this post.
    5. I don't think demon garden dolls were banned just that user for accessive advertisement of demon garden dolls

      will the dollies with the head and body be on sale too?
    6. Hello~
      Our whole doll won't take part in this event~
      The whole doll have free shipping free eyes and free wig,It is also Great Value :chocoheart~
      Thanks~ :)

    7. Where can I find Girl bodies to buy? Are there any girl bodies for sale?
    8. Hello^^
      Now we don't have girl dolls.
      Our girl dolls will born in April ! :chocoheart 3 heads & 1 body!
      At that time we will have event for the girl dolls.

      Best wishes
      DG dolls

    9. Demon Garden doll's body could match with [​IMG] Volks migi,DoT,Luts,Soom,AoD,DZ,Napi,Crobi,B&G,AiL,CP,DIM minimee [​IMG] doll's head.

    10. Where can we order the body at that price? The only site that I have found that sells Demon Garden dolls is HappyHouse4u, and they have the price of $190. Also, which of the skin tones matches Volks? Regular?
    11. Please check here
      We sold our dolls on ebay. happyhouse4u is our agents.

    12. In the body of the auction for the whole boy, is an email address to use to order just the body.

      "Demon Garden *Valentine's Day Event* (10/2-14/2)

      BOY DOLL'S BODY ON SALE ! Only $175 !

      This list only for whole doll(Basil/Beau/Derek).

      If you want to buy our body,please contact lichao7541.student@sina.com "

      I hope this helps anyone trying to get just a body at this great price.

      :chocoberry :chocoheart :truffle :whitetruffle
    13. :daisyMany members ask me" which of the skin tones matches Volks? "NS matches our Normal-yellow skin is very well.:daisy
      There are some pictures from some person bought our body.

      :daisyVolks or Luts Delf white look like paper white,The current White skin we offer is a bit creamy.In real life there is no noticable difference after face-up.
    14. :daisy More photos about DG body matches other brand heads:


      These photos from bought our dolls customers.Thanks very much for them!