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Denver Doll Now Carries Fairy Land!

Aug 12, 2008

    1. I just saw on the site and almos had a heart attack!
      DDE will be a selling Fairy Land dolls including basic puki, fullset puki, MNF, MNF a la carte (A & B), and Fee Plee a la carte!
      Wow! Finally, a US dealer! *claps*
    2. They also just acquired B&G Dolls, Angell Studio, and Castle Anne!
    3. They've had Castle Anne for quite a while now and they got Angell Studio about a month or so ago. B&G has been up on their site for about a week.

    4. Just to clarify one thing - FairyLand does not have any official dealers at the moment (DDE is not an official dealer) but there are special offers for bulk buying retailers. :)
    5. Thanks! I thought it would be something like that because FL doesn't have a dealer list.