Preorder [ DEPTHS DOLLS ] - Deilf and human Deilf on JPOPDOLLS

Oct 3, 2017

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      Deilfs' preorder is coming at the end of the month, from the 28th of October to the 2nd of December 2017

      Mermaid Deilf will be in pale normal skin / mint tail, and light tan skin / pink tail. Human Deilf will be in pale normal skin and in light tan skin. Price include makeups. It could be a possibility to order them without any makeup but the price won't change.

      For information, mermaid Deilf is about 17,5 centimeters, and human Deilf is around 15 centimeters. More informations and photos will come later in the month. They will come with a factory faceup and a pair of random glass eyes (not those of the photos, they are handmade urethane eyes).

      Preorder only on
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    2. Can you get the elf head on a human body?
    3. No Tama has said that the only way is by purchasing both and switching the face plates yourself.
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    4. Yes indeed! thank you JellysFancy! Actually managing a "a la carte" system like fairyland is quite complicated and there could be more mistakes, that's why we can't offer a switching head option I'm sorry about that
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    5. Hey Tama! I just read your interview and noticed that you are working on selling your dolls on your own website in the future. Since I've noticed that a lot of people seem to want an a la carte system do you think you'll ever do one for your own store website in the future or you'll just sell the doll as is: just body/head or different combos Deilf/Merrow/Rose head/bodies?
    6. hahah yes I'm working on new dolls that will be released directly through my future website next year. But it's not done yet, so much work to do... >_<
      But I wanted a kind of "a la carte" system with my new msd body I'm working on. But there will be no Rose heads, as she was exclusive to the BJDC convention. But choice of heads, busts, hands... I want to do that :)
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    7. I'm very excited about this pre-order :) Do you happen to know how soon orders would be shipped? I understand that normal pre-orders don't start shipping until after the time-frame has concluded, but this will be my first time going through JpopDolls.
    8. I just received my mini Talyssa from jpop. Was 10 months from order through delivery.
    9. Mini Talyssa wasn't an exclusive doll for the PNW expo convention? If so the wait must have been longer due to the convention, long preorder period, and then all the dolls shipped to the people after the convention only for non attendees. I don't think it will be that long for the Deilfs, the last preorder of Giorria took maximum 5 months if I remember right...

      But I have no precise details for the shipping schedule yet :)
    10. Do you have any photos of normal and tan skinned Deilf in human body w/ fantasy head just so I can see which color I like more Thank you!
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    11. I'm sorry, it was my TINY Talyssa, not mini and not for the convention.
    12. okay :p

      haha I'm going to take a quick photo with my phone! :)
    13. Here are some very quick photos for those wondering how could be the dolls with head swaping (option not offered by jpopdolls, but could be done at home with two dolls)


      ugly photos but it was very quick lol
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    14. oh my gosh thank you so very much! :D
    15. Um wow! They are fantastic! You make it very hard for someone to just buy one :D

      Do they wear two different size eyes or is it just a preference? It looks like original Deilf has bigger eyes in the photo than her human counterpart.
    16. Human Deilf has a more narrow eye opening. I'm unsure if the eyes themselves are different sizes though.
    17. Actually, you can put same eyes on both human and mermaid head. Human has just a more narrow eye indeed.
      In the photos, mermaid deilf in pale normal skin has 8mm mystic urethane eyes, mermaid in light tan has 8mm acrylics eyes (handpainted), and both humans have 6ish mm eyes in resin, handmade. That's why the mermaids seems to have bigger eyes, that's because the iris are slightly bigger :)
    18. Oh LOL okay then :)
    19. December is almost here, which means the preorder is almost over! :)
    20. Does jpop give any indication when things ship? I have a pretty dangerous and unreliable mail carrier, so tracking is pretty important to me.