Depths Dolls - Ephyra (40cm)

Feb 12, 2018

    1. Hello, I just saw that Depths Dolls will open a preorder for Merrow, and was wondering if anyone would like to share their dolls in this size range. I'm thinking in ordering one, and would love to see customized dolls or your plans for It.

      Ephyra (40cm) - Depths Dolls
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    2. Better late than never I suppose. Here is my Myrtle (Depths Dolls Merrow human):

      [​IMG]Myrtle by Morti Fox, on Flickr
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    3. I picked up a Jeanne at the PNW BJD Expo last weekend and WOW I am in love with her. Is it bad that I already want another of his 40cm girls? They are way too cute, and I like how they pose, and all the hand and feet options are amazing! Ugh, so in love.

      She of course doesn't have a face yet because I am a terrible doll owner and usually wait a long time to faceup them. She's wearing Minifee clothes and shoes and a wig I made for my Magic Mirror Moira that was actually quite a stretch for this girl. She will get her own yarn wig very soon and then her own alpaca wig after that. She's also wearing eyes that I made but they are probably a bit too big so I'll have to make some in a smaller size.

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    4. @dotworkdoll how does she compare measurement wise to a MNF? I am waiting for my Jeanne to arrive as an absentee order and she's going to spend forever nekkid if I don't order some clothes while I'm close to land :lol:
    5. They are much smaller than a minifee in the chest and shoulders, but they have hips that are similar enough for stretchy pants. Would a photo comparison help at all?
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