Preorder DEPTHS DOLLS - Jeanne, exclusive to PNW BJD EXPO 2019

Dec 9, 2018

    1. Hello everyone!

      I completely forgot to post a thread here, so here I am!
      My latest MSD girl, Jeanne, is on preorder until December 19 on the Pacific Northwest BJD expo website :

      Pre-order Jeanne, original sculpt by Depths Dolls - PNW BJD EXPO

      This doll is available as limited full-set for attendees only (also nude available for attendees), but we have also opened the preorder to absentees. You'll be able to pick her blank or with makeup.
      To preorder until December 19th, you have to pay a deposit first, and the balance is due before the end of February 2019. Which means it's a layaway in 2 instalments. More details on the PNW BJD expo website :).

      This doll is exclusive to the convention, and will never be made again later.
      She is approximatively 41 centimeters, Thin MSD, and will come with a pair of acrylic eyes, 2 pairs of hands, and 3 pairs of feet (1 flat compatible to some YOSD shoes, one high heeled compatible with Ellowyne Wilde shoes, and one very arched with a pair of resin soles to custom).

      Some photos here but more photos can be found at : Jeanne - Exclusive to PNW BJD expo 2019

      [​IMG]Jeanne - PNW 2019 exclusive convention doll by Le Tama, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Jeanne - PNW 2019 exclusive convention doll by Le Tama, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Jeanne - PNW 2019 by Le Tama, on Flickr

      Thank you very much !
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