Depths Dolls Tinies

Jul 24, 2016

    1. A thread for all of Depths Doll's beautiful tiny dolls! Giorria, Deilf, Ecume, Abyss, and any other beauties Tama releases!

      Please post all your beautiful photos and lets all geek out about the orders and dolls! :kitty2:love
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    3. I present you my lovely Deilf <3

      [​IMG]Ondina by Inès, sur Flickr
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    4. She is gorgeous!
    5. Let the spam begin x)

      Here is Hermione my little grumpy Abyss :
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    6. SEPT : I'm so jealous, your Hermione is so cute!
      I'm impatient to see Deilf on Jpopdolls store! she's cute like Abyss.
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    7. I'm just in love with the little human Deilf. The photos Haru Casting posted were so cute. I can't wait until she is for sale! Just love all the dolls posted here. :)
    8. And the sale is live! Ball Jointed Dolls

      I'm torn - I've had so little time for dolls lately I can't decide if I want her with or without makeup since the price is no different. I can always wipe her face when she arrives.

      edit: Made my purchase! I decided to go with no makeup (in the hopes that maybe she'll ship out more quickly!)
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    9. Yay I'm glad they're up :D I might have to wait until next week to order. There's not a limited number available is there, just limited time?
    10. So tempting. I love their personality that just reaches out and grabs you!
    11. You're right - just limited time! The pre-order will end September 4th I believe!

      Since she's arriving in December I'm justifying her as my Christmas present ahaha.
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    12. Just ordered my Giorria, yay! I went ahead and ordered with faceup. It's going to be so hard to wait for this lovely girl.
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    13. I had the chance to see a few Giorrias last weekend at bjdc. She will not disappoint! She was so delicate looking, and the face up was fantastic.
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    14. I am still new to BJDs, so question - where do you buy these? I found the facebook page and there was a picture of a bunch of the mermaids like the grey one above, in a few different colors. Really cute and fun colors!
    15. Tama hasn't really sold much outside of French BJD conventions. Right now, his rabbit girl, Giorria, is available for pre-order on jpopdolls until September 4th! If this sale does well he's very likely to release other dolls via jpopdolls as well (which I am hoping since going to France is not really a huge possibility for me right now).
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    16. [​IMG]

      I was able to grab a Giorria at the BJD con this year- here she is.. minus her cowboy hat
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    17. I ordered my littler giorria two days ago! I'm totally excited! I really do hope that the sales will do well enough that he'll do a preorder for his mermaids!
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    18. I just got my order in for Giorria under the wire. I pray pray pray they make more colors! <3
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