Preorder Depths Dolls : Vampire girl DRAUGR from April 14 to May 14

Apr 14, 2019

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      Draugr is a 40 centimeters doll made by Depths Dolls. The doll will come with flat and high heeled feet compatible with Ellowyne Wilde shoes, 2 pairs of hands and a pair of random acrylic eyes. Please remind it’s a preorder, and dolls will be produced at the end of the preorder period. The dolls are at $450 blank, with options available. Choice of the color and of the bust size ^^.

      Preorder will start on the 14th of April 2019

      Measurements :

      Height (with flat feet) : 40 cm
      Wig size : 6/7
      Chest circumference : 13 cm (for the large bust)
      Waist circumference : 8,5 cm
      Hips circumference : 18,5 cm
      Leg lenght : 22 cm
      Arm lenght : 11 cm
      Eyes size : 12 mm
      Foot size : flat 4,4 cm long / 1,5 cm wide
      High heel feet : compatible with Ellowyne Wilde shoes

      More informations and photos on the preorder page :

      colors available : White, Light grey and Pale normal skin

      choice between 3 bust size :
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    2. Will she be available again after this preorder, or is this the only chance to get her?
    3. I don't know when she will be back or even if she will be back after this preorder. I have other molds to release after so it won't be before 1 or 2 year I guess if she will be back. But those colors will never be made again, they are specific to this preorder :)
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