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Deputy Service! (MSD FCS)

Oct 30, 2004

    1. Hello,

      I'm starting a deputy service for MSD FCS! I live in Nagoya, and I have access to the Nagoya Tenshi no Sumika. I will be taking MSD FCS orders.

      I don't have a page up for it yet, but at current the rate is pretty simple:
      (cost of doll) + $50 deputy fee, plus shipping/boxing costs (exact cost)

      Emi (Twotone) and JoAnn (Nikita) will give references for me.

      I am currently only taking a few orders at a time, as I have to transport them by subway. Payment in full expected in advance, payment accepted via Paypal (electronic transfers only). E-mail first and we'll work out details, please. Pictures/piece numbers required. The first three orders who can also pay at the time will go first, the rest will be on a waiting list.

      I will also be running a general deputy service for Volks, Obitsu, and Azone (with some limited Pullip, Blythe and Pinky Street). That rate is 9% deputy fee + $2 for subway fees, then exact shipping/boxing costs.

      Thank you very much!

    2. O.O *does happy dance* yay!
      now, do you know about how much it will be?
    3. WOWZA!

      I'll have to keep you in mind. Gwah- i wish i could break my n o buying dolls until i move u_u'
    4. I think I would be interested in this, only I'm completely new to the whole thing. ;__; It might be too much of a pain to deal with someone who has no idea what to do and what they want. :D ;;
    5. OMG. :o I think I love you! Do you have any idea what the total would be?
      Desiderii -- you can see the FCS parts at Domuya.
    6. You should add this post to the Market Place also as they will be interested.

    7. I just checked today - full cost of MSD FCS is 46,200 yen including japanese tax... so We'll say $462 + $50 deputy... so $512 then the shipping fees. I don't know how much shipping an MSD is, I've never done it! :) Sorry!

    8. I got my MSD FCS through another friend in Japan, and it cost 4100 yen for EMS shipping from Japan to Connecticut, US, for 2.0 kg of doll + box :)

      She sent the doll in its Volks box, wrapped around several times in bubble wrap.

      Hope this helps!
    9. would you consider doing SD FCS as well? :D (or is that not available at the Volks near you?)
    10. I am very interested in SD FCS as well!! :grin:
    11. **sweatdrop** Umm...does anyone know where the Sato FCS is located? I know I heard the city name once before, but I can't remember it, and I haven't been able to find it any time since.
    12. Tenshi no Sato is located in Kyoto. More information available if needed... :)
    13. Sorry to take so long to reply. ^_^* DoA's been giving me all sorts of errors for the last few days. I think I'm having internet problems in general.

      Anyway, I will eventually also do SD/SD13 FCS, but right now, I must admit to a certain squeamishness about handling that much money from one person at a time. I'd like to get some deputying experience first and see how the actual FCS ordering process is with a smaller doll.

      Also, for SD/SD13 FCS at the Nagoya branch, the options seem to be more limited. The bigger dolls have a lot more Sato-only options - such as the sunlight skin and certain heads.

      We'll see how this goes, I guess, and what happens with the bigger FCS in Nagoya. :) I'll keep you posted!

    14. Well, if it turns out that the Nagoya FCS has the Cecile-like F17 head for SD13 boys, then I'll DEFINITELY be getting my doll from you...if you offer it.

      If you decide not to, that's cool, too! I'm just impatient with Domuya...finally got a reply from them on the Sato FCS order I put in...like...um...a month ago. Turns out they're halting all Sato FCS orders until mid-late November...

      And I have the money for my boy now...
    15. Can you also get shoes, wigs, and eyes at the Nagoya shoppe? Sometimes the English Volks site are always either low stock or sold out. X__X
    16. Volks has been really inconsistent with stocking merchandise lately, and I've just been too frustrated with various aspects of deputying in general. So I apologise, but I'm not going to be doing anymore deputying.

      Thanks for your interest and support!