Design the Certificate of Authenticity / CoA

Jul 17, 2020

    1. How do you design your CoA?

      I saw some ppl adding cute stickers on their CoA, writing the name of the doll in Calligraphy.
      I wrote down the name of the head sculpture on my CoA and I left the Owner's Name empty.
      What do you write down? And what do you think about designing the CoA with stickers? It was kinda weird for me haha.
    2. I leave them as they are.
      I'll write the sculpt name on it if it wasn't already written on but nothing other than that.
      I have a couple of COAs that say not to alter them in any way on them.
    3. I leave them as they are.
      But if I could have any chance to write something, maybe I will try my best to have a good calligraphy on these CoAs! :p
    4. I don’t do anything to them, just in case I decide to sell the doll later. A clean clear CoA might be required by a buyer, and some companies will allow you to buy replacement parts but may require the CoA to look original.
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    5. I saw someone far more organized than me put their CoAs into a photo album along with a pic of the doll in question as a sort of quick-reference. I've tried to do the same, just because I like the idea of keeping a dolly-diary
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    6. I also leave CoAs as-is, I don't normally plan to resell dolls but it feels like a sacred document, kind of like a birth certificate that shouldn't be altered.

      I would like to get into fancy organization/displays for CoAs at some point though, like framing them or using them as additional decoration for dioramas!
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    7. I second the statement that it feels like it shouldn't be altered. If I were going to do anything like that I would probably get a plastic sleeve to write on or put stickers on, so that the deco wouldn't go directly on the COA. It would be fun to put it in a sleeve or frame and then decorate that and hang it on the wall though.
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    8. Mine came with a name and date option, so I wrote in the name I gave the doll and the day I got the package from the post office. It's been a long time since I looked at it!
    9. Most of my BJD didn't come with a CoA, because most are pretty ancient. I believe only two of them came with one, my DollZone Mo-Wen came with a plastic credit card type of CoA, and my Limhwa Limho Mano came with one as well but it's a simple paper one (I feel like maybe some of my SoulDolls might have as well, but my memory sucks now!). I would never attempt to customize them because I feel that would make the CoA invaluable to me; they hold value to me now because they are direct from the company/artist as the dolls were created for me. I have horrible handwriting anyway, I don't feel it would make it look nicer if I were to write my name on it -- and it's all in Korean, so I have no clue what it says to begin with. Stickers have glue on them that will yellow with age, so it would probably damage the paper overtime. I never planed on selling my dolls, but the CoA mean something to me as they came originally, they are not something I would want to alter in any way. If others feel like customizing or adding to their own CoA, that's their personal preference -- I don't shop for second hand dolls, but I would probably avoid ones with altered CoA, if I did.
    10. All my CoAs are kept in the doll boxes as they were when they arrived with the dolls. I don't plan on selling my dolls any time soon, but I know CoAs are a very important part for me when buying, so I prefer to leave them exactly as they are.
      What @ziiii suggested may be a great idea if you are determined to do something with them though. Having them protected with a plastic case and then developing your creativity in there, but I am terrible at putting stuff together like in scrapbooking or so (it always ends up looking like a mess) and I don't even have that beautiful of a handwriting, so... nope xD
    11. I leave them as-is and keep them all together in a folder. I have one drawer in my doll cabinet reserved for ‘paper things’ so they go in there.