DF (Doll Family) Tiny doll discussion thread

Aug 27, 2010

    1. Dear All:

      Now Dollfamily has 2 product lines: Line A and Line H.
      Both the designers will do their best as possible as they can.

      Thank you for your continued love and support for us.
    2. I adore Yuhe:D Does she have the same body as Yoyo and Jojo? Also is it possible to order her with a boy body?
    3. Yes the body as YOYO/JOJO, and you can order it with boy body^^
    4. I wanna bump this... does anyone have a Yuhe..? Cos I just saw her this mornign and I'm in love <3 I'd love to see owner pics... but after a lil searching I cant find any discussion threads or any databases. Gona try box opening threads and gallerysd in a sec... But omg SO cute <3 I NEED 1 O.o
    5. Anyone know what size eyes theses little ones take ..? The 16cm cuties ^^
    6. ok well I've bought me a Yuhe. Her lil clothes came today from etsy and her wig a few days before... just bought her panda shoes and a hat :D
      I'm really excited ^^ But yah I feel like I'm gonna be the only person that owns 1 XD can't find owner pics anywhere ?!!? Am I the only 1 smitten :'(
    7. Oh, Mushoom I would love to see your Yuhe!:aheartbea I adore the wee thing and it is a shame not more are flitting about the forums! I have so many babies I want that she unfortunately took a back seat to others that just kept coming up. I do hope you'll spam her soon as you can:D I am in love with that little face:XD:
    8. <3 finally someone to squeee with ^^ I will I will :D I ordered her feb 20th so nearly at the month mark :) 1 week to go ... I'm not sure on the waiting times thou ... I've been told 4-6 weeks ... and I'm hoping because it's not a busy order time (at least i don't think it is XD) that it will b closer to 4 ;) I shall spam loads ^^ Promise ;)
    9. gahhh they tried to deleiver her today but I was out O.O Oh well...she should be arriving monday then :D Cant wait ^^
    10. You sure do have someone to squee with:XD::D I can't wait to see your little sweetie pie once she is finally delivered:aheartbea I'll be right here Monday with bells on! Haha:D Its wonderful to see someone else interested in the Doll Family dolls. They have so many fantastic little faces and sizes for the tinies. I am going to be ordering one of their 33cm yo-sd sized babies. The one called Kelasi:D I'll be sure and spam him in the Pomelo thread once he arrives but that will be a long way away. I'd still love a Yuhe of course, I will have to see about getting her, too! I look ever forward to seeing yours:D
    11. I'm just finding it frustrating and weird not having seen owner pics... alll the dolls I have I saw owner pics before I got them (except all my teenie gems, but they were all impulse buys) so I'm so worried that I won't love her in person. I'm sure I will... but yeah what if I don't!!!

      As for the wait, I just looked on my calender and tomorrow marks the 4 week mark, so I gota say I'm very impressed with the wait time as I did expect closer to 6 weeks :)

      eeeepppp I'm so glad there is someone looking forward to piccys :D I shall take loads of different angles for you ^^ She's gona be all set to come to denmark with me :D Just waiting on her shoes... but tbh she will probs prefer barefoot (strange child)...
    12. Oh, trust me I'm right there with ya! I fell in complete love with Kelasi's promo pictures but I'm scared when he gets here that he won't be nearly the same doll. Its utterly frustrating to find absolutely no owner pictures of him anywhere >_< I'm going with my gut though and I just know that sweet little face will be even sweeter in person:D I just know the same will go for Yuhe when you get her at last:aheartbea A good portion of the dolls I have fallen in love with over the years I have sought owner pictures of before I even thought of buying them but with Kelasi I don't have much choice. I used to have a Pomelo (which is from the same line with the same body just a different head) and I loved the size and the body just not that particular mold. So I know what to expect for the most part its just that little face that worries me. I am certain that Yuhe will be a treasure:aheartbea Even if she isn't what you expect at first give her a chance. Thats what I plan to do with my boy. I'm trying not to have any expectations. Its hard though.. Especially with such lovely promo pictures. I'm trying to imagine him blank and real in my hands.

      I'm delighted that the wait was so reasonable:D I'm hoping for similar. Where did you order from? I'm going with their ebay agent Jeeryama. She's such a sweetheart.

      I'm delighted to be the one!:XD: I would love to see as many pictures from as many angles as you can stand to take:D Oohh! You're going to Denmark? That is so exciting! Haha, aww:D I love little bare feets:XD: My Kelasi will more than likely be barefoot for a good while. These guys are notoriously hard to fit!
    13. Yes I am :) My boyfriend is danish so I'm going over there to see his family and friends :) Taking dolls with me to keep me calm XD

      I order mine from alice's collection. I've very pleased with the customer service from her, she's lovly :) I'm usually so nervous about ordering from a company I've never ordered from before... but when she was shipped I felt so much more at ease and felt terrible and silly for any suspicious thoughts I had (You can't help it when your waiting can you?!)

      I'm sure I will adore her :) I'm trying to picture her blank aswell!! My friend is doing the faceup for me :) As I'm a bit useless and the 1 in the promo pics isn't quite what I was after :) I want something quite pinky! and freckles :D and i even want her lil nose all pink ^^

      I brought her another toy today :) I've been finding toys for her quite difficult...as everything I find seems to be a bit too big... like it would be better for ltf. But she does have a simba toy (lion king) and a pink and white zebra :) I may have a go at making her toys...

      So you've had one of thier bigger tinys before ..? Gona sound really sad but I'm excited to see what the packaging and such is like ^^ I've wanted to order from another company in ages! Something unknown!!!! just have to get through sunday and then the day will be here >:) I cant wait!!!!
    14. Awwwww:XD::D:aheartbea So cuuute! Do you speak only English to eachother or..? I can only imagine how beautiful and thrilling it will all be! I would definitelywant a baby or two with me to keep me calm. Who else is coming besides Yuhe?

      Oh yes, Alice's. I had thought of ordering from them, too. Glad to know she is such a good lady:D And I can totally understand your misgivings at first, it is only natural!

      It is hard to see them blank in your imagination, isn't it? I have been trying my best but I've also been obsessing about Kelasi for weeks:XD: I finally calmed down once I decided to take the chance and go with my instinct once I realized owner pictures were just not going to happen. But isn't it wonderful that you have a friend ready to make her all up for you! And wouldn't you just have the same taste as me:XD: Pinkiness and freckles and even a pink nose! Its like you know me!:XD:

      Oh yes, of course toys! I can see how that would prove difficult.. I'd love to see what you've got for her already and certainly if I find anything that works for my Pukifee, Yuhe is about that size I believe, I'll let you know. I'd also love to see what you make:D

      Yes, I used to have Pomelo, same size as Kelasi, at a whopping 33cm! She came to me second or third hand, dear little thing that she was, so I missed out on a proper box opening. Believe me I am looking forward to my sweet Kelasi's arrival not only because I have been dying to adopt this beautiful baby for so achingly long but I'm also excited to be the first to open him up and enjoy that packaging! I totally understand your delight in the mystery of the packaging when ordering from companies you never ordered from before! Its almost as wonderful as the doll itself:XD:

      Looking ever forward to seeing little Yuhe! Have you got a name picked out yet? My little guy still needs one though I will have quite some time before he gets here to think it over. Oh so exciting! Its almost Monday here in the US:D I will be waiting to see the wee lass!
    15. He's english is very good :D He don't even talk with a danish accent (except the odd word that gives him away ;)) I think he's english sounds very american actually XD He says stuff with american phrasing rather then english (yard/garden, Attic/loft ect) I am trying to learn danish though, but the pronounciation is hard!

      So it's monday morning O.o I have all her stuff... my camera and a knife all swet out on the table... camera battery charging up.. omg it's only 9:30 and im going mad already XD and they say they deliver between 8:30am and 6:30pm! I've got a long way to go ;)

      I'd love a 33cm dwollie <3 I'm very much interested in a size between ltf and msd next :D I've wanted a pukifee sized doll since the pukifees came out... and was going to go for an asleep eidolon cookie or pepermint, but when I saw yuhe... I knew I had to have her first ;) Must seeee box...

      Well as for names orginally I was thinking of a flower name... like poppy or daisy... but I've had a name that I've been keeping for someone just don't know who, Lyra... so she might be Lyra but I won't know until she's here :) I cant name someone before they arrive... especially as they look so different in person sometimes XD I'm so bad with names... it's taken me almost a eyar to name my afis XD And my bygg has gone through 3 name changes XD They all get thier names eventually though ;)


      Shes here!!!

      lil miss no name ^^
    16. Ohh! so adorable, it makes me feel like getting one too >_< must resist! Does she wear yo sd sized clothing?
    17. no she's much smaller :) More like latiyellow and pukifee sized :) I'll grabs some pics of her next to a yosd sized cutie morro ^^
    18. Oh, Mushoom! She is absolutely precious!:aheartbea: I can't even stand it:XD: She is honestly so much sweeter than I even imagined. The promo pictures don't even begin to do her justice! I look forward to seeing her with a faceup! This gives me more confidence that my little Kelasi will be perfect:D
    19. [​IMG]
      My lil baby has a faceup now :) And a name! This is Suki ;)

      Sorry I haven't posted any pics... been so busy... Will try get some more of her with other dolls for comparisons :)