New Doll DF-H New Dolls, New Body & Event

Oct 12, 2017

    1. Hi dear,

      Doll Family-H released a new 1/4 girl body and 3 new 1/4 scale dolls。

      2017 Mid-Autumn Event (2017.10.01 - 2017.10.20):
      * Order New 46cm Boy Body Ver.3: 12% off + a pair of normal hands as gift.
      * Order 58cm - 72cm doll: 10% off + a pair of jointed hands as gift.
      * Order 45cm doll: 10% off + normal hands as gift or add $40 to get a pair of jointed hands.
      * Order 26cm doll: 10% off.
      * Order 58cm - 72cm doll Body: 10% off + a pair of jointed hands as gift.
      * Other Doll Body: 10% off.
      * Jointed Hands: USD65/pair.

      Nan Xing

      Yue Jian

      Shan Nai

      1/4 girl body ver.II
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    2. Is it possible to get Yue Jian/Nan Xing head on a girl body?
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    3. Is it possible to see Shan Nai blank without faceup please?
    4. Can I order just the head of Nan Xing?
    5. I love the boys, i'd like to see both of them blank if possible though.
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    6. Oh, hay ... after a day of back and forth emails with Alice at Alice's Collections, I have placed an order for Nan Xing on the Girl Body V. II. I voiced concern to Alice that the cm different in neck girth would be a problem, but she spoke with DF-H and they say they will adjust the neck size for compatibility, which I think is tremendous customer service! So yes, it is possible to get these heads on a girl body.
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    7. I emailed Alice about the standard faceup and she said it looks like the standard faceup on the older boys such as Linfeng.

      I would also email her about seeing pictures of blank Yue Jian and Xan Xing. She emails back quickly and is always willing to help as much as she can.
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