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DHS 5cm Micro Tiny~ Squee!

May 2, 2010

    1. This has got to be the most epic tiny:XD: 5 itty bitty centimeters tall and still amazingly detailed and absolutely full of personality! Check this little guy out:


      Squee has been released for separate purchase( see above link ) but is also available in a Lucky Draw for those who have ordered DHS Bunko, Tiko, or Spooky Jester from Luxour Academy:


      He comes as a fullset with two heads (normal and giggle) in the drawing and can also be ordered this way. Or he comes as a basic with one of your choice of the two heads.
    2. WOW--a blatant rip-off of Fairylands Realpuki Soso if ever I saw one! I do not ever deal with companies who do this.
    3. i see no rip off in this little guy.....the face is different and the body also!

      he is to smal for me but anyway he is awsome ^^
    4. Agreeing with Jenny here... the body is different, but it looks way too much like Soso for my comfort. I wish these companies would make original dolls for a change, I'm so tired of altered recasts! Oh well, I guess I don't have to spend the money then! XD

    5. thank you Jenny.. i'm the sculptor and the owner of this small company.
      I didn't rip off fairyland soso..

      I'm a big fan of Arthur Racham, and I do use his illustration of Puck to make my own pixie series face.
      Do some googling on it, and see for yourself that i make originals not just rip off.
      I'm a professional artist with ethics even i just a small artist.

      try to visit my deviantart page, i only make originals.. not recast, not copycat, or anything bad

      you've make me so disappointed with your judgement, but i respect your honesty.

      Btw, to the Mods. i think this thread is off topic. I apologize for someone opening a new thread of SQUEE.
      Please lock this thread..
    6. oh no ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      dreamhighstudio is from donny who did casting for ccc but he has totally his own creatures .we all love donny and just read the bunko...tiko and jester thread!!!!!
      it is not a copy of soso.....he just got inspiration out of soso and arthur rackham's puck and we love donny for making us a little brother for soso!!!
      so please don't judge that fast!!
      the body is total different then realpuki...this is the new micro bjd....and I love it and my soso wants here brother and perhaps a sister!!
    7. I agree- I definitely see the inspiration taken from illustrations of puck (my school play this year is A midsummer nights dream!) I see the similarities to soso, but also many differences. Plus- the size and body are very different! I love Squee, and plan to buy him someday! I don't think this creation should be written off so quickly.
    8. I too love Squee. He is a tiny BJD and is smiling.... I view him as a totally different sculpt to the Realpuki's(the smile and facial expression, the way the ears are sculpted and of course his body seem to be very different than that of Soso).

      But..... he would look adorable together with Soso and Tyni, although he/they is/are only half their size.
    9. I agree, Squee is similar to, but not a copy of, Soso and its VERY clear that Soso was ALSO sculpted based on Rackham's Puck so please don't jump to nasty conclusions before you research it.

      Donny is also an extremely honest and ethical artist as well as businessman and has been involved in BJDs for a long time doing casting and helping to bring other's ideas to life. He is now finally producing his own starting with Bunko, Tiko and Spooky Jester and now this series of awesome little micro BJDs. I'm so excited about Squee and Giggle and can't wait for Boo also!!!!
    10. Donny I love Squee! He's absolutely adorable! and I adore his size! Please make more little cuties!
    11. We often see dolls "inspired by", but not usually SO similar--size aside.

      This is just my opinion, and I have nothing else to say, so will exit this thread.
    12. i saw this cute little guy yesterday and thought it was a soso but now that i look at it i see a definate difference in the FAR future i plan on getting one of these wee cuties lol
    13. I really don't see that Squee as being like soso at all. MANY of us love the micro size, and elf/imp/fairy type dolls. Squee is smiling ... so is Soso, big deal. The body is NOTHING like realpuki either. With Fairyland being so vague about if they will make anymore RP, i am glad someone else is going to make something that will look cute with my Soso and Tyni. I have spent much time and money one stuff for them. Comparing these dolls is like comparing LTF with yo-sd... same catagory different dolls.
    14. Donny, any hint as to when they'll be available? I see that they're marked "sold out" currently.
    15. I wrote to Sher asking permission to start this thread on Squee and am still waiting to hear back, so I was surprised to see this. It will probably be locked very shortly.

      Boo is not yet available and I really wanted him, but Squee is available tomorrow 3 May from Luxor Academy, but will be posted from Indonesia.

      As already mentioned you can have Squee head and body, Giggle head and body (closed eyes) or both heads and body.

      I am a fan of Donny's micro tiny. He is unique and I will get one and hope he'll be allowed here.

      I'm afraid to say any more as my post will get deleted.
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