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Did how many dolls you plan to have change?

Jun 26, 2008

    1. This is similar to another thread, but I couldn't find anything quite like this so hopefully I'm not over looking something obvious or making something too similar. :sweat

      I'm just wondering if the number of dolls you panned to have when you first got into the hobby, and how many you plan to have now, has changed.

      I know that when I was just getting into BJDs [about two years ago] I wanted two or three. I felt that six or seven would be too many for me personally.

      Now I have two and a spare head, I'm ordering two more in less than a month, and I'm in two MNM orders. Six or Seven no longer seem like a large amount to me.

      So now the number of dolls I used to think would be too many for me are the number I have planned. xD [And there are still others I haven't planned, that I only have characters I know I'd like to have as dolls.]

      And I don't want this to be a discussion on how many is too many, I'm simply mentioning it because that was what I thought of my own personal limit to be, not on what is too many for everyone else or in general.
    2. When I first started I thought I would stick with one. Then my family grew to nine. Now it's back down to two and I'd like to keep it that way :lol: This all happened over a three year period~
    3. Hmm, I think I'm still pretty well within my original range. Originally I said "I just want one, honest, I swear! ... but no more than three" because I knew I probably wouldn't be able to stop at one, and I discovered from other dolls that three is my ideal number of dolls of one type (more than that and I start to feel overwhelmed). I have two at the moment and am sort of... very lightly mentally planning to buy a third doll maybe next year sometime, the one I actually liked a lot in the beginning. Or perhaps a Volks girl instead... but probably not both. There are other dolls I would like, but I can't really afford to buy new dolls constantly and I do think that I'll feel like I have too many if I get 5+ dolls. I'd rather miss out on a few dolls I like and have a tight knit little doll family than buy more than I can pay attention to. :sweat
    4. well it went from one originally and now its from 20-less than 30
    5. I have never planned for how many I was going to get. I kind of just went with the flow. I only got into BJDs in February and ordered my first doll 1st of March.

      While waiting for her I bought one that was in stock and two from The Marketplace so now I have 4 . . . . and my wishlist keeps getting longer and longer. I plan them one doll at a time but I plan faster than I buy.

      Monday I'm ordering one more doll and I already have her eyes and are waiting for her wig. I have three more I have names for and two of them I know exactly what eyes and wigs they are going to have. The last one I have some idea of the wig and the eyes but haven't made up my mind completely.

      I'm seriously addicted! *_*

    6. When I first was introduced to the hobby I only ever dreamed of having one doll... but as I've been getting more into it and looking at all these different, beautiful dolls, a plot has sort of evolved in my mind and now I plan on having at least four. =)
    7. What I originally planned on having was like 11 dolls. Now I am afraid that number was too big for me to handle. So now I am only going to get at least 6, I hope. 4 minis and 2 SDs.
    8. I thought I could never have more than a few. Now I'm tipping over the twenty-doll mark and have since decided I have no idea HOW many I'll end up with and I don't care as long as I can afford it comfortably, lol.
    9. I swore up and down I'd just have one. Well, my new goal now is to stay under ten. I thought I'd be like many other doll owners who play with their doll and do all the photoshoots and stuff... It's not for me. Since I don't "bond" with one doll, I don't mind having multiple dolls. Originally I bought them as toys and now they are art... you can have more than one painting in a room but too many and the room feels squished.

      Also, part of why I wanted to just keep one doll was because I wasn't comfortable with the percieved commitment of owning a doll. "Oh God, I just spent 1K on a DOLL!!! I better love this thing forever!" No, I just better make sure that the dolls I do buy, I like and when I am "over" a style, sell it and try a new face....
    10. I just wanted one in the beginning, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stay at one. From other hobbies, I've learned that any more than 3 is too many to take even care of. So I say 5 is my limit, but I will be playing favourites when it's that many. Right now I have two full dolls and two incoming heads. :sweat
    11. LOL! I thought I'd have 2-3 boys because there were so many I loved and just one girl. I didn't really like the girls but I thought my boy should have a girlfriend.

      I now have three girls, with plans for at least two more! My one boy sat untouched and neglected, without a good faceup, without shoes, and with only one outfit for months while I showered all my attention on my first girl. Poor guy. :roll:
    12. Yeah, I've far surpassed the 6 dolls I allotted myself over 3 years ago! I'm over 30 dolls now but 60% of them are tinies.
    13. I do not have plans, still don't.

      But for some reason, my family just expanded beyond my own control.
    14. I want to have three. Two SD boys and a Yo-sized girl.
      But if you look at my want list, its pretty long. I wonder how many I will end up with...
    15. Well I only really want a maximum of three at one time, maybe four. I can't imagine having any more then that, just because my room is so small! xD I also plan on moving a lot in the future because of my career, and having so many dolls would be a trouble for me. So right now it's a maximum of three to four. We'll see how well the plan works out.
    16. I said I would probably stop at 6. I have 3 boys now and am working on getting bodies for two more, so I guess I'll see if I'm satisfied when they're completed. There's still a few sculpts that keep calling to me but I don't want to get so many that I don't/can't pay attention to them all. I can't justify buying them if I'm not gonna play with them.
    17. [looks around at her tribe of minions] [coughs] You could say that...

      I was very adamant in the beginning about only having one. Harumatsu, my Shiwoo, was going to be it. The only doll I'd have. Period. End of story.

      Then he and his spare, Dreaming head actually arrived... And they didn't look anything alike. There was absolutely no way they were both going to pass as the same person. So, thanks to Luts' face-up artists, my very first and "only one" turned out to be two. :doh

      It just went completely down-hill from there. :|
    18. I was only going to have 2; Taira, my CP Moon and his significant other. And then we started picking up the other characters in the set. So the number went up to 7. And then we decided we wanted a pair of girls to balance out the boys. So it hit 9. And then Seorin came out and we wanted a boy and girl of those....so that's 11.

      So yes. It totally changed. :|
    19. What started out as one boy and one girl grew to five boys and three girls with a boy and girl on the way :? I have reached my limit though, I promise!
    20. It's changed many many times. I started out wanting no more than eight, then that changed to only having four, and then that changed when I began buying dolls for a specific story line, now I started a second storyline. I've come to the conclusion that I'll stop buying dolls when it feels right to do so.