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Did I do buisness with you, Girlytattoos?

May 23, 2006

    1. Okay guys since im wanting to do faceups for free i need some creditbility to back me up! :) I know i have done everyone good on here that i have spoken and worked with so for my sake and anyone else that wants a freebie leave your feed back. thankies!!!
    2. I got an awesome girl body with a beautiful tattoo. She is super to deal with!
    3. I sold an SD13 Girl body to Girlytattoos, and all went smoothly. :) I'd definitely do business again.
    4. I sold Girlytattoos an outfit and the transaction was wonderful :)
    5. AWW thank you guys you make me smile.
    6. I bought my Juri from girlytattoos she is a fast shipper great at communtication and so open and carring. I loved buying from her she basically made my day when everything went so fast and smoothe with her. ^_^
    7. I sold her a Luts El and everything went smoothly. :) She's wonderful to deal with!!!!
    8. Just got an adorable shirt in the mail today from Girlytattoos! Painless, easy transaction, and a great person to deal with! Thanks so much!
    9. Selina just did a wonderful free face-up on my Ceres and kept in constant communication with me throughout the whole creative process with pictures and ideas. She also shipped her back to me as fast as she could so I could take her with me to Anime MidAtlantic this weekend. Very awesome lady and great customiser!
    10. I have not even got my boy back from Selina yet and I know that if I ever need a face up or want a tattoo for one of my boys I will go to her. She is in constant touch, and has no problem with making changes. She is also the absolutely sweetest person to just talk to.
    11. Woohoo, the search function finally found this thread!

      I just made a great purchase from Selina, I adored buying from her, such an easy experience, trustworthy and highly recommended
    12. Just got my Saint boy back with his ears pierced. Amazingly high quality work. Will definitly be using her again for future modifications!
    13. The faceup she did with my boy is absolutely gorgeous! ^^ She's a pleasure to work with and a real sweetheart <3 I will deffinatly bug her in the future with my other dolls :3
    14. My boy just came home today from Selina's with a beauttiful tattoo, body blushing, and a wonderful, wonderful new outfit!!! He loves it so much. Thanks Selina!!
    15. Bought an outfit from Girlytattoos. Absolutely painless transaction. The outfit showed up in record time and I even got a free gift. Can't say enough good things. Thanks so much!! ^_^
    16. I bought my boy's Vince Noir outfit that I commissioned from Selina, and got an extra top too.....I'm also going to get some more pants made by her too hopefully....
      Thank you SO much!:)
    17. I bought a Luts wig from Girlytattoos. It is in excellent condition - my Karen loves it :)
      Great contact and fast shipping :) Thank You, Girlytattoos !
      And I'd like to thank You also for this little free-gift :)
    18. I bought a tattooed MNF Lishe from Girlytattoos! She did extra tattoos and even made extra clothes! She loves what she does and so do I. She is just the best to deal with! :)
    19. I got my Cydny for Girlytattoos! She was patient, constantly in touch, and when I wasn't able to get her a doll she wanted she still sold me my sd13 (who is stunning, by the by).

      I would LOVE to do biz. with girlytattoos again...once I get steady employment.
    20. I just received my DES from Selina...it was an excellent transaction! great communication, very sweet seller..and fast shipping!! thanks so much!!!