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Did owning BJDs turn you into a shopaholic?

Apr 26, 2011

    1. if there is a thread like this feel free to do whatever it takes. haha

      anyway, before i started to own dolls, i was very much un-girly. i didnt enjoy shopping or looking at pretty things. i was either at a theme park getting my adrenaline fix or at home drawing or watching anime.

      but after my first doll, i started going to online shops and clicking on the advertisments on DOA. lololol. and i started, you know, shopping! everytime i see a bjd shop, "click". and if i have enough money and i think it suits my doll. i then "click" buy it. i realised that once i have money, i must must buy clothes for my two girls!

      thats when i realised. i think... i'm becoming a shopaholic.

      so am i the only one?
    2. It didn't turn me in to a shopaholic so much as changed my perspective about what is "expensive".
      This has so far been a bad thing.
    3. Naw, I've always been obsessively buying something or other. Not girly shoes or anything, but certainly stuff that drained my bank account/added to my cc debt. *sigh* I can only blame BJDs for being a little more demanding than, say, a DVD :sweat.
    4. YES xD
      I never enjoyed shopping much, as a (young) teen it'd be amazing if I'd spend $300 a year let alone on one shopping venture!

      Though what nothern_raven said it has also changed my perspective on what's an expensive. D:
      This is the only downfall, otherwise I love browsing sites for dollie clothes or dolls~ <3
    5. Nah... I was a shop-aholic before BJDs. :D
    6. Definitely a shop-aholic before BJDs. I think it has only opened up more shopping opportunities. Now I have buy things for my dolls too.
    7. bwahaha!
      I'm already a shopaholic before I got into bjds!
      I only changed from buying books for myself to buying stuffs for my boys ever since I step into this circle XDDD
    8. I've definitely always been a shopaholic; I love buying stuff. However, getting into BJDs has definitely changed what I shop for. I was never into frilly, "girly" things either, but now I find myself interested in such things in how they could apply to dolls. X3
    9. I shop for other things less now, actually. This is partly due to the fact that the dolls eat up the discretionary spending money. ;)

      When it comes right down to it, I have plenty of clothes. I have entirely too many shoes. I have a mountain of jewelry I never wear. It's actually done a very good job of showing me how much I really don't need those other things, and have too many of them already.

      I will still buy these things if something truly extraordinary pops up, however, even if it is extravagant. I had to pause to consider whether I was going to get two dolls or a single pair of shoes very recently, in fact. Yes, this silly lumpy girl who never goes out was considering a $1400 pair of shoes because she considered them to genuinely be art, and if the money appears and their availability lasts... it might still happen. I wouldn't hesitate to do it in that specific instance, even though they'd be more than I've spent on the entirety of additions to my wardrobe (from undies to outerwear) in the past 3 years combined -- but really... I still don't need them, and wanted the dolls more. So the dolls won when I was making the decision. When I buy jewelry -- which I still do once in a blue moon from local artists, even though I almost never wear jewelry -- I tend to do so for the same reason: because I view it as art, and I've had to support myself that way -- even though I didn't wear any then either, which always gave the customers a laugh -- and know how little-appreciated things of that kind really can be. I tend to make smaller purchases like that now than I once did, however: a $75 ring (that the dolls could use as an awesome bracelet when I'm not wearing it so it does double duty ;) ) these days as opposed to the $300 hand-hammered copper bowls or vases or jewelry pieces and so on I'd pick up at shows. I won't buy jewelry from the mall or chain/department stores any more at all, and it's pretty much the same with decorative items.
    10. I wasn't really much of a "fashion" shopaholic before I got into the hobby - I dont really buy lots of clothes for myself. But after getting into the hobby, I started shopping for cute little outfits for the little ones. (so maybe I could be considered a BJD shopaholic? XD)
    11. I was alrdy sort of a shopaholic before BJDs but I guess getting into BJDs kinda made it much worse. I am literally shopping online almost every other day.

      But like what Northern_raven mentioned... its the alteration of my perception of 'expensive' that is really damaging. What I used to think as expensive is now termed 'affordable'.
    12. I loved shopping way before I became interested in dolls. But, at any given time I tend to have a shopping focus. Right now it's practically all doll-related, as I haven't shopped for dolls in seven years. Some of my past shopping adventures included purses, make-up, clothes, sunglasses, pearls... you get the picture :D Part of the fun of shopping for me is researching my purchases pretty extensively, which is why I tend to be a very focused and goal-oriented shopper.
    13. Nope, I've always been a shopaholic, but now, it's all about the dolls.

      Editing post to say that I have become less impulsive about buying things. With several dolls still on my wishlist, I have to curb my enthusiasm for random items in order to save money to buy dolls.
    14. I was a shopaholic before, but mostly manga (some of which I STILL need to read after two years) and anime. I never was a clothes/jewelry/shoes shopper, especially since I can't fit the styles I would love to dress in. Now that I have dolls, though, I'm a shopping fool for them! It actually hasn't been too bad, especially since getting distracted by doll clothes and shoes and wigs is much better than being distracted by the new shiny anime and manga I don't have time for (which I used to, years ago). So, yeah. At least I know the doll stuff will be used! :D
    15. hahaha! yay! i'm not the only one! X3 but yea, my perspective of what is expensive has changed too! like when i see $200 i think. thats pretty cheap. Q__________Q

      oh man. BJD is a super bad and good hobby
    16. I'd say yes, BJD did make me a shopaholic...though the Lolita fashion is also very much to blame.
    17. I was a shopaholic before BJDs also. Now I spend my extra spending money on for my living/breathing children and my dolls. I don't spend nearly as much as I used to on myself.
    18. I wasn't much of a shopaholic before dolls, and I still don't consider myself a shopaholic. I just find myself looking over doll sites and things more often than I would otherwise. My boyfriend has always been a manga/anime shopaholic, but I find he's been buying less sense I got into dolls..
    19. The bulk of my discretionary spending has always been online and has always been on hobbies. I wouldn't say I have ever been out of control... Although with BJDs and long wait sometimes involved, I spend more time thinking about them and end up spending more money on stuff to prepare for their arrival with clothes etc. This month has been bad because I pre-ordered one and directly purchased two dolls - so if you look at my bills, yeah I went nuts :) But overall, evened out month-to-month, my bjd expenses are the same as pre-bjd... Well, that's excluding the dolls themselves. They are big bucks, but I usually get them as gifts (except for my very 1st one).
    20. I've been shopping like crazy since starting this hobby. I like my dolls to have nice and different clothing, I think they have more stuff than I do now >.<