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Did someone ever get mad at you for winning bids?

Sep 3, 2007

  1. I usuakky loose at the last second of the bid :(

  2. I always win at the last second and I'm very lucky :)

  3. I just loose or win....

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    1. Most of the time I loose my bids on rare dolls on ebay, and its always at the last minute. I would like to know the experiences of the people that loose, and the ones that win. This is a weird thread but I'm very curious^^

      Thanks for answering,

    2. If you are outbid with around 5 seconds to go you have been sniped by someone using a sniping site such as justsnipe.com. I admit I have used it on one doll but only because the auction was ending at around 4 in the morning and I knew I was not going to be around to see how it went. I put in an amount I was willing to pay for him and was lucky enough not to be outbid (which has happened on a batch of lace I was after).

      If I had put my maximum bid in before I went to bed I am sure I would have lost out.

      If there is something you really do want I would recommend giving it a try. If you do not intend to use it often these sites are free. I am sure the Ebay community boards could suggest some other sites for you to try too.

      Even if you decide against it I would suggest puting the doll you want on watch to see how the auction goes and put your bid in as late as you can. This also prevents unscrupulous sellers "shilling" (artificially bumping the price up) which unfortunately does happen and can be hard to spot
    3. If I cannot be near a computer the day the auction ends, and I lose, I get angry if the winner repeatedly tested my bid to see what my max bid was. If I secretly bid $87 (for example) and I am the high bidder at $62, I don't like to lose the auction and see that the winning bidder bid 10 times in a row trying to find the smallest possible max bid that would take it from me. I get really steamed about this. I think I would be personally angry with a person for doing this, if I knew who they were.

      If I get sniped, I get angry but not at the person who sniped me - just angry about losing something I thought I would likely be winning.

      I bid somewhere in the last 10 seconds if I can, or the day before if I can't, and sometimes I win and sometimes I don't.

    4. I get mad about shilling, but I don't think I can say that every person who puts in many small bids to try to win an item is inflating. Some people don't have a lot of money, and I don't blame them for putting in small bids to try to get an item they really want. I have mixed feelings about the sniping sites.

      Just recently I had a seller tell me after I won an item and had paid them immediately (because that is what I do) that it was "backordered" (not bjd item btw) when the original listing said they had 3 in stock. You bet I was a little piqued!
    5. Eh. I guess the whole sniping thing isn't really bad in my views.

      When some one continually bids in increments of 50 cents, just because they don't wanna spend to much, is what bugs me.

      One time I put a bid on a item, and the person bidded like 10 times until they finally over bidded me by 25 cents. :|

      But, I have a extremely SLOW internet connect at home, and it often decides not to work at all. Having a bidding service would be rather nice specially when its a item you really want. :)
    6. I voted lose or win..But I have to admit...when i realy put my mind to it ill win more often than lose when bidding for a doll...ill get up at stupid oclock in the morning and do the last seconds swoop thang lol
    7. Too bad Y!J has that "automatic extension" that extends the bidding time by 5 minutes when someone bids at the end... now that thing makes me mad because prices can skyrocket, but at the same time, it lets people keep bidding if they want to (you can't steal an auction out from under someone who's watching the prices), so I guess it's sort of fair. Still, means you have to be online.
    8. I've had stuff sniped out from under me and I hate it! Now that I know about the Justsnipe.com website, I'll use it, but normally I go for the BIN ones.
    9. Yes, I've had people blow their stack at me for winning bids on all kinds of things. Not just dolls. I won't tell the doll stories here out of respect for people's privacy, but I once got an angry e-mail from some guy who bid on a plastic penguin toy on eBay. It was like a 5 or 10 dollar item and they come up fairly regularly if you watch for them. Apparently he was going to give it to his girlfriend for her birthday because she had one as a child and was upset that I outbid his 5 or 7 dollar or whatever it was bid. I was thinking if it was that important that he get it for his girlfriend, he could have set his bid higher in the first place.
    10. I don't think the person actually sat there and bid 10 times...when you put in your max bid and they put in their max bid, then the eBay system goes to work and puts you against each other until someones max bid is reached. If you look at the auction, it will say what the bid increments are. I'm pretty sure those 10 bids are just the system doing it's thing and reporting it, not someone sitting there 10 times increasing their bid slightly each time :)

      Ha!ha! EDIT: ...now I'm wondering if eBay has changed how auctions are run. I've been on eBay since the mid-90s and looks like things have changed A LOT over the years. I read the FAQs and can't find anything about set bid increments any more. It looks to me like whoever puts in a higher bid is high bidder and someone would have to sit there and bid several times if they are outbid by your max bid. I like the other way better :( Sorry, you are probably right...
    11. Oh, no I know that.

      Ebay still has the automatic bid up to thingy.

      The person started by bidding a dollar a few times, then went to 2 dollar bids, then at $50, which was my highest bid, they only added on a few cents. D:

      It was for a pair of pants though. The person was lucky they landed right on my final bid.

      I've never had someone seriously message after and whine about how they lost the bid. Isn't that the point of ebay to see who gets the highest bid? :|

    12. one time I forced myself to wake up at 4am to make sure I won the bid:
      I waited until there was 20 seconds left(fast internet woo!)
      ...and realized my session had timed out xDDD I had to log in again and wasn't quick enough!
      In my head I was swearing, but only at myself xD nobody's ever gotten angry at me for winning, but I sure get angry at myself for losing...
    13. I haven't gotten a lot off ebay lately. Once a guy who outbid my brother on several items in one night e-mailed him just to make fun of him, calling him a "low-ball bidder." My brother bought too much stuff on ebay back then, anyway.

      Does ebay still let you e-mail users without going through a questions form for auction listers? I thought they changed it to help keep people from getting flamed and spammed.
    14. I almost always win the items I put my mind to winning. I rarely bid on eBay, except for the orangebabydolly jewelry releases, but I bid a lot more on Y!J. I've seen numerous rude comments about people who win a lot of the jewelry time and again from OBD, but all I do is refresh constantly and hit the BIN as soon as an item I want comes up - I've never used a sniping program or site in my life. Luckily, I've never had direct rude comments made to me about those, though.

      However, I have been on the receiving end of a snippy comment about something I outbid someone on from Y!J before, and thought it was totally unnecessary and uncalled for. :|

    15. I think this is true, the idea is good but it doesn't always work. We get emails sent thru old auctions all the time. Just depends if Ebay is checking or not.

      If there is an auction I want that is at some gosh awful hour of the night I set my alarm and get up, bid, see if I won, pay and go to bed. I snipe because that is the way live auctions are, the item goes to highest bidder and the person I outbid can get mad at me it he/she wants to.
      I did get a phone call within 30 seconds after I won the auction. I outbid a friend at the last second in a private auction. We laughed about it.
    16. Yes they still allow that. I have already received 2 or 3 angry e-mails from other users who where disapointed of losing some auctions I've won...

      BTW I've never used any sniping site, I think it would've been unfair. I prefer to stay awake all the night and to bid myself in the last minutes/seconds if I really want something.
    17. I've jumped in at the last minute on auctions (though not for bjds--I haven't gotten one off ebay yet), however, I've never actually used a sniping site or realized that they even existed. It doesn't bother me that people bid at the last minute--that's just strategy. If I lose an auction, I figure that it just wasn't meant to be, and look elsewhere.
    18. Well, i actually just won the auction for Morbidollz modded chiwoo-- and i knew there was a few other people out there that really wanted him. I just hope that those people who wanted him- but didn't win him, won't end up feeling upset if i post pictures of him once i get him..

      I have in the past lost a few auctions for dolls that i really wanted so badly, so i know how much it can hurt :(
    19. Auctions stress me, so I usually use a BIN if there's one available. Here, as well as on eBay. That's how I got my Lati Aida...

      Nothing puts me off an item in the marketplace like an auction with no BIN!
    20. If I'm available near the end of the auction, I always enter my maximum bid in the last 10 seconds. This always works unless someone else put a ridiculously high max bid in beforehand. *_*