Did someone pass away in the hobby?

Feb 7, 2020

    1. I was checking Ebay today for used doll listings. I know a lot of people warn against buying off ebay but so long as you're careful I've gotten some great dolls off their. So I came upon some listings by Goodwill Seattle Washington who has thus far listed 15 full SD bjds and one lot of random heads, hands, feet, and other various items. I don't know if I'm allowed to link to an ebay listing here but I took some screenshots.
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      I'm really wondering if someone passed away and their dolls were donated to goodwill by family. If this was someone who was leaving the hobby there is no way they'd just donate these dolls. Many of them are older and some are rare sculpts. They all appear to be legit dolls as well. (I apologize if I am wrong about this as I am not knowledgeable about all of these companies but I know quite a few of them have never been recasted.) Does anyone recognize any of these dolls? Not their sculpt, but perhaps a user here who owned them?
    2. seems weird that the people who posted it would know the exact names of the dolls. I have a feeling it may be recasts that were donated.....
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    3. If they have the name in the head it would make sense. Someone would just need to know to label them as "bjd" which one of them is not labelled as such, it's just called soom doll. Not all listings have names either. Like the Iplehouse Ashanti just shows Iplehouse which is what's written on the back of her head plate. And a couple of them are companies I've never heard of like Glory and Phantomism.
    4. yah, i just actually did a little digging and found all of the listings. It was hard to read all of them on the screenshots (but was probably better than linking directly).
    5. Yeah they're not hard to find I just didn't know if I was allowed to link to ebay listings here. I found them only searching "bjd" on ebay while filtering newest first.
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    6. You may be right about someone passing. It could also be someone who just wanted out of the hobby and didn't even care. It could also be from an exhusband/wife situation. Lots of things to consider but it's for sure that someone unloaded a lot of dolls. at the very least, i hope goodwill makes some money off of it. The corporation isn't the best, but local goodwills do a lot for their communities.
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    7. If it's the ex-spouse situation, in some states this would be considered a major theft being that this is in the thousands of dollars range. I'm trying to see if someone recognizes any of these dolls so we can figure out whose they were. I'd feel terrible if it's the passed away situation and all of their dolls were donated by unknowing family. These dolls could have paid for a funeral service.
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    8. It's sad if someone passed away, but I have to wonder, I feel like someone who was close would have known.
      Also did some digging and it is the actual Seattle, WA's Goodwill ebay storefront. Soooo while that doesn't verify how legitimate the dolls might be, it's an honest physical thrift shop that received maybe-honest ball jointed dolls.
    9. yes, i found it through it's goodwill homepage instead of ebay. That being said, just because it's physical or digital doesnt' really do much if they can't or don't verify if it's recast or not. it's just not something they do.
    10. @ultrapandachan Yeah, from what I can tell the workers aren't really paid enough to justify identify some things. I remember the days where I could buy ethernet cords from Goodwill for 15 cents because it was labeled 'a wire'.

      Worth noting, even if one doll is legit in that set, doesn't mean all will be either. It could be a mixed bag, to make everything extra confusing. I'd feel bad bidding on peer's postmortem collection none the less anyway. D:
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    11. I don't recognize any of the dolls I see listed, so far - but, they were once someone's private property, and will again become someone's private property once they sell.

      I personally feel I owe the former owner(s) and their family/families (whether living or deceased) the respect of minding my own business.

      I feel I owe the future owner(s) and their family/families that same level of respect.

      I am not going to do any internet sleuthing that infringes on the privacy of someone who I likely don't even know, and against whom there is no proof of wrongdoing.

      If, when I die, my dolls get donated and auctioned off in this manner, I hope my family and friends will be allowed their peace and privacy...I don't want them to have to endure accusatory statements about theft and recasts from strangers, especially when they're already dealing with grief and legal stuff.

      I also don't want them to search the internet and discover that strangers are making those kinds of statements about them on a public forum.

      It is sad when people pass away. If someone known to anyone here did, indeed, pass away, then I'm sure that their family/friends will tell whoever they feel should know about it when they're ready to share their grief publicly and receive condolences.

      Please send a private message to the seller about any dolls you may be interested in buying if you want to see proof of their legitimacy...if they can't/won't provide it, don't bid.

      Please let people maintain their privacy.
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    12. @Madame Rosebud Honestly, that's a very fair statement. I wouldn't want to bother the parents or grandparents of someone who passed away recently to ask the origins of their recently deceased's dolls.

      And like you said, we already know how the platform (ebay) is when it comes to buying and selling dolls--
      At most one might ask the middleman, Goodwill, if they could check if the doll has anything that would be telltale. (something inside the headcap, etc.)
      I doubt the have the certificates if they're not in the sales listings.
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    13. Wow, this is weird! Never saw anything like this in my 10+ years in the hobby. It does look like somebody passed or someone other than the collector donated the lot to thrift store or the collector is really fed up with the hobby. Different companies, some no longer in business. All SD size. More girls (mature) than boys. Conservative outfit. The dolls look legitimate.

      I am old, I have always contemplated what to do with my dolls if I passed. I posted on this forum several time’s about my plans. I don’t know what to do with my collection if I pass. My hope is to return all the dolls to their maker and let Volks help me sell them for charity. I have not approached Volks regarding this matter but it worries me a lot. I contemplated incinerating the entire resin collection. I am right now not buying anymore new dolls. My niece is interested to adopt SD13 Isao Nanjou, so he’s probably going to stay in the family long after I’m gone but that’s just Isao.
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    14. @Madame Rosebud
      I understand what you're saying and I didn't make this thread as a means to harass anyone. It was mostly to find origins. I'm planning on bidding on many of the listings and this seemed like a good way to try to track down their origins. I can't message the sellers about the dolls since they do not know anything. I thought maybe someone would recognize them here. Or this might give online friends of theirs a chance to buy dolls they knew an online friend to have since they may not have had a chance to get them otherwise. To be honest, I do not believe any of these dolls are recasts so I am not worried about that aspect and I would not accuse them of being recasts for lack of paperwork.
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    15. Volks recently started a program where they take dolls from people who don't want them anymore, refurbish them and put them up for "adoption". So they'd probably be willing to help you.
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    16. I haven't heard of this program before. Where would I look to find out more about this.

      Also I been watching this thread. If the seller can't answer any questions about the item they are selling. Then don't buy it. Ebay is ebay. It has both legit and not legit items. It's up to you to make the choice of buying it. Let's not talk down to anyone about what people do with their stuff.
    17. Well, that does appear to be a Noctarcana Circus IH Jessica with the LE faceup and tattoo, in case that matters to anyone.

      Edit: I wonder if the Ashanti has the LE style faceup too. I wish the photo was better on that one, but it definitely could be.
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    18. Some of those dolls are old, from defunct companies and were never recast, afaik. (CH, Dollga, Glorydoll)
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    19. I was wondering about the Glory one. Do you know where I can find more info on the company or sculpt? It's one of the dolls I wanted to bid on.
    20. If I'm not mistaken I saw a list of dolls that have suffered recasting I did see Custom House on the list, but cannot confirm any of that. Also didn't see Sia on that list. Again though, I just saw a list and did not search more than that.