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Did Volks make an SD13 White Skin Irvin???

Aug 5, 2008

    1. http://www.volksusa.com/ofdc060801.html

      That's the link to the picture of the doll wearing the outfit, does anyone know if Irvin was released in this skin tone?? Or is this another doll?? I'll remove the link if it's a problem.
    2. Unfortunately, the WS Irvin used to model the Labyrinth in the Deep Forest outfit was a one-off display model for NY Dolpa -- Irvin was only available for sale in his default ebony skintone. Whether WS Irvin will ever be released, only Volks knows. :sweat
    3. :)Cool, thanks for the info!
    4. He was a pretty one, wasn't he, with his blond wig and "sad" eyebrows...

      I lovingly refer to him as "Irvin's mysterious pale brother."
    5. oh wow...i like him better pale O.o
    6. I have seen the photos of this elf volks, but i have not ever seen him in the Volks site or on "where angels", someone he knows if one-off has gone out or it is a next exit to a dollpa? *_*

      thanks for all help, and sorry for my bad english T_T (but that is guilt of the translator online) XD

    7. This doll is a white-skinned Irvin. He was on display at New York Dolpa this year, but he wasn't for sale and Volks didn't indicate what they intended to do with him. I can tell you, in person he has the most gorgeous faceup in the world! Sorry for the bad news about not being able to get him though.
    8. oh thanks Mod for the topic ^_^
      I thought pits an Irvin white, I hope sells it TT_TT
    9. oh thanks Mod for the topic ^_^
      I thought pits an Irvin white, I hope sells it TT_TT