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Did you ever buy a doll and just hate it?

Sep 25, 2008

    1. I'm curious to know if this has happened to others...

      Did you ever buy a doll and just hate it at first sight?
    2. I have a head and yeah pretty much didn't like it from the start. I gave it time but I'm not bonding with it. I don't really hate it but it's a minimee and it doesn't look enough like the person its based on, for me. I'm going to have the eyes worked on a little and if doesn't improve I'm going to sell it.
    3. I bought a head and don't like it. I thought that I would from the pictures, but it just isn't for me.
    4. I hate Puki's. I brought two and sold them right away. They're really cute but they're too small to do anything with and they just don't fit in with anyone. Even my yo sd is a giant to a puki.

      I was glad to get rid of them.
    5. Nope, I still have and love all the guys and gals I've gotten.

    6. i hope im like you or ill feel guilty lol
    7. The reason I asked this question is because a few years ago when I discovered bjd's I knew instantly that I would LOVE to have one. In fact, I HAD to have one. So I probably rushed into my choice of doll a little bit - although I did do plenty of research about the different companies etc.

      I ended up buying a boy although I knew I really wanted a girl. But I figured it wasn't going to be my ONLY bjd so, what the heck, I knew I'd never buy just one. :) But when I got that doll I disliked him immediately. There's nothing wrong with the doll, it just wasn't what I was looking/hoping for.

      It almost derailed my whole bjd experience right off the bat because I sort of thought maybe I would always be disappointed. It's taken me a few years to want to jump back in - granted the sculpts these days are tending to be far more to my taste so that made it easier!

      A lesson learned is to wait for that right doll and don't be impatient. And never believe that you will get exactly what you see in the pictures. You have to look past the styling and gorgeous photography and study the basic structure of the face, body, posing ability etc. And also, try to see as many owner photos as possible. That gives you a more real idea of what the doll will look like and what it's capabilites are.

      As for my poor unloved doll. Expect to see him in the marketplace soon. Time has not made him grow on me. :(
    8. ;s; Oh god I hope that doesn't happen to me. I'm just saving up for my first now. XD Agh now I'm all nervous! *hides under bed* o.o Now the dissapointment can't find me...

    9. dont be sad, i understand thinking you really want somehting and deciding you dont. sone things just dont click like you think they will

      i didnt mean its mean not to love/want a doll i just mean i would feel bad if i did ( lol i have a tendancy to think all things have feelings. i have a voodoo doll pin cushion that i love but i feel so bad sticking pins in it and always stick them away from his chest lmao)

      plus id be afraid if i didnt like my first doll i wouldnt want to buy any of them. and i really actually want to want them lol
    10. Never has, and hopefully never will.
    11. No. I have been uncertain about a couple of them, though. Eventually they all ended up finding their place. I've never sold a doll. ...okay, I have never sold a doll that was MINE, lol, because I have sold plenty of LadySaiyuki creations at conventions! (Ask me how many dolls of hers I own. Ask me how many of those were because I felt sorry for the dolly that didn't sell. Oiiiii...)
    12. I had one that I liked for a little while but eventually all of its flaws got to me so much I ended up just despising it. I felt bad about it, but there was nothing I could do to change how I felt. Had to sell it eventually.
    13. Nope, the two dolls I've bought are still with me :) I hope that never happens.
    14. Yes.

      Well not *hate* I suppose, but definately not bonding and not settling to actually *liking* her.

      A little Whiteskin Banji. My only whiteskin doll, and the reason I *know* that whiteskin is Not For Me.... it just looks so... Fake, I suppose - especially when compared to "normal" skin dolls.

      I never got aroudn to selling her on, however, despite "replacing" her withtwo normal-skin Banji's who I adore.

      Anyhow - Now, a couple of years on, she's still here, but she's had her face-up stripped and is dismantled in preperation for my attempting to dye her a better colour.

    15. Unfortunately, yes.
      The second I opened the lid and saw the resin color. It was just such a shock. Far more purple than pink, and I wasn't even really expecting pink. The seller pix were in such a light that the skin looked more what we would call a normal yellow today.

      ...and then it just went downhill from there. I tried hard to get around my hangups with the doll, but so many little annoying things piled up one atop the other, until I just couldn't stand it any more. I'd tried several faceups, and even had a friend try real hard to recreate the faceup I fell in love with on the official site. But... it just didn't work.
      Faceups, eyes, wigs, clothes... I tried it all.
      I finally gave up and sent him on to a much happier home. :) Good for them, better for me. ;)

      Sometimes... it just happens.

      Most recently, I got a couple of small dolls that I'd been wanting for over a year to be able to get. Finally got them... but just couldn't get them to look right. Again, I'd seen official faceups that got fairly close to the look I wanted, but... I couldn't get it to work for me.
      So, they're being passed on to happier families. :)
      And I move on.
    16. I think it happens all the time. Pictures can only show so much of the doll and they usually look different in person. I bought a minimee body because I really wanted the Cloud head it came with. Once he got home though there was no spark. I tried a few things and after awhile he ended up going to someone else who would be much happier with him.

      I don't think you should get discouraged though because he was one doll of many and I have a couple of dolls I would cut my right arm off before selling. One thing that really helped me was going to doll meetups and seeing other peoples dolls. The first one I went to I didn't own a doll but then you can get a feel for what dolls you like!!
    17. No, I still have all the BJD (and almost all the fashion dolls too, I resold very very few of them) I bought and still love them to death. That annoys me because I still want to buy more, and I'd love to be able to sell some of them... before I have no more room at home for them! ^o^;;
      What I hate is my poor skills to give them the make-up they deserve, but I got better with time. ^^
      But, I never buy a new mold on an impulse, I always wait, search for a ton of pictures, compare the prices... that's why when I open the package, I know I already love the doll.
    18. Only once. And not hate of the doll- but the resin. He was a stunning doll (FL Vampire Moon) with a gorgeous faceup by timchener, but he was WS...and next to my NS family, it was HORRIFYING. I didn't touch my dolls for two weeks, then realized that his skin color was why. He's in a happier home now, and I feel better because he's not collecting dust and unwanted in my house!
    19. Thankfully not. I've had completely love at first sight experiences. Each of my dolls found their own place in my home- sure, I had some small bonding issues with two of them, but as soon as I worked out the reason why (wigs, and finding their true personality and style) I loved them even more.

      I hope I never have to face something like this, but usually I'm careful. I mean, I buy the doll I fall in love with, but I do some careful research- I ALWAYS check owner pics and read reviews if I can. This is because I don't want to fall in love with a doll that only exists in promo shots. I always make sure my 'love' is the real deal. :) Obviously there will be some differences, and I expect that, but they always turn out to be more beautiful than I expected!
    20. There's been one doll i got that I couldn't stand to look at, but he's going to be getting a complete makeover, so I'm hoping I'll love him afterwards.