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Did you ever buy two or more dolls at once? :o

Sep 8, 2011

    1. Hi there,

      I just fell in love with two dolls and I am hesitating to buy both of them at once.
      I probably shouldn't do it since I haven't ever bought one yet x_X (and together they're $534)

      Either way, I was curious if any of you ever ordered two or more dolls at once. If yes..

      How did it feel like to have two dolls delivered to your house? (aside from painful on your bank account)
      Did you regret ordering them at once?
      If you've never... Do you think you ever will?
      What do you think you'd feel like IF you ever did buy two or more at once?

      The smartest thing of course for me to do is buy one and see if I can get the other one second hand.. but my gosh, do I love these boys...:fangirl:
    2. Hahaha yes. I just got into BJD's, coming from other doll collecting, I wanted an Sd size and an msd size so I ordered both. Then it turned out the company was having an event so I got a free doll and a couple of heads. Well not liking the idea of just having heads I ordered some bodies from them which thanks to the event got me another free doll. So six in total.

      Can we say overkill, I think we can.

      If you can affored both of them then go for it, if it will put too much of a pinch on you then you can just order one or wait for both. I've been eyeing a set of twins that will cost more than those first six combined. If I do go for them I think I'd want to get them together, but yeah the wallet would take a hit.
    3. How did it feel like to have two dolls delivered to your house? (aside from painful on your bank account)
      Extremely decadent and totally wonderfull

      Did you regret ordering them at once?
      Nope, if i know i want two dolls from the same company and have the $$$, why waste money by paying shipping costs two times. Or not getting an event price!

      If you've never... Do you think you ever will?
      Done so and will do it again

      What do you think you'd feel like IF you ever did buy two or more at once?
      The happiest woman alive.
    4. no i only bought one
    5. I have only gotten one at a time... so far! If I could, I would get more than one at a time! Especially if they were limited and waiting would mean missing out on one! Just need the money, I have plenty of desire!!
    6. I pretty regularly have 2 dolls show up 'at once'. Sometimes they were ordered together through the same company or dealer. Sometimes they're second-hand purchases that just happen to show up at the same time, or within a few days of one another. And personally, I love it! I like having 2 new lovely dolls show up at the same time. Especially when they are dolls that I want to give face-ups myself. I prefer to do 2 or more face-ups at the same time. That way I can rotate through them as I work, so I've always got something to work on while the other heads dry from coats of sealer.

      The only issue with having 2 or more dolls show up at once in my house is...well, while I usually try and have a wig and eyes waiting (which doesn't always happen!) I like to sew for most of my dolls myself...and I sew by hand, which is slow...so I typically wind up with doll who are either borrowing clothes from those already home, or who are sitting around naked, sometimes for MONTHS at a time (longer if I have physical mods planned for the doll, as I won't make clothing until the mods are finished!) waiting for me to have the time to sew for them.

      I know that some people prefer to get dolls home one at a time, though, to give them time to finish the new doll, and bond with it, before bringing home the next.
    7. I never got more than one at same time but I have been tempted to do it with dolls I knew I would buy anyway, thinking in saving in the shipping. But I never did it because, looking at the price of two together, I feel too guilty of spending all that money.
    8. I can't remember ordering two on the very same day, but I often have more than one on order. I get impatient and feel sorry for myself if there will be a very long wait (cough*Dollshe) and buy something else in the meantime. I never feel guilty about spending money because I never buy dolls unless I can afford it.
    9. I bought both my first dolls at the same time, but they arrived at different times since one was from the company through a proxy and the other was bought secondhand on the marketplace here. One took three days to get here, the other took three months to get here, even though I ordered them both at the same time. :lol:

      Personally, I would have been happier if they had both arrived at the same time. For some reason I like to buy multiple dolls at the same time, I think it's mostly because I want to complete my 'wish list' as soon as possible and buying multiple dolls at once helps that dream come true faster (after the years of waiting and saving up) so it therefore makes me happier than just one at a time.

      To be honest though, I did end up regretting getting both my first dolls at the same time like that. In the end, I sold both of them and lost a lot of money in the process because I found out once I got them, I didn't like the size of doll as much as I thought I would. If I had just gotten the one first I could have found that out a lot easier without such a big loss (hundreds of dollars). Now I realize I was too eager at the time and got too caught up in wanting this doll, that doll and that one too! In other words, I was at a point where I liked just about every doll but I didn't know which ones I just really, really thought looked pretty and which ones I actually really, really wanted. Now I've learned and know much better. :)
    10. I've read everyones replies :3 very interesting and I will keep reading those to come!

      For beginner size I was advised to get an MSD, and it was really hard for me to find ones that met my conditions, in the end I really like DZ Luke and DF-H Air, but I'm getting Luke and maybe couple months later get Air too. I'll probably be very comfortable with the size ^-^ but there's no need for my first purchase to be 2 at once haha, I did deeply consider it but decided I have the patience to first dote my first dolly and then get a new one to keep him company after a while :D
      All the comments were really motivating to get them at once though, but helped me make my decision about what I think is best which is in my case waiting :D
    11. I've done this twice, recently. With Dollshe, it was just convenient since the shipping would be much higher to ship them individually and I ordered them around the same time anyway. With Doll Chateau, I just couldn't bring my girl home without her husband. I tried but it was to no avail. He was in the cart and I had clicked to buy before I could truly think about it. Usually, I like ordering dolls one by one, if only because it takes me awhile to bond with a doll and I don't want one ignored. But, hopefully this will work out. I say if you want two dolls, get them if you have the money. :D
    12. Sigh... there was once I ordered two dolls via the local Dollzone dealer. Not only did she rip me off, the dolls took way longer to arrive than usual and when I wanted both of them to be on double jointed bodies, one of them came single jointed.
      At that spur of the moment, I didn't want to wait another 3 months and chose another doll in her shop instead, but later down the road I couldn't bond with him and sold him to fund for my DoC. I think the most annoying part was that I was overcharged by her, who I learnt soon after the incident had a crappy reputation. (So much for DZ having an event sale)
    13. I've only ever done this once, but it was more complicated. I really wanted the Crobidoll Gillian head sculpt for one of my characters, but the M-Line body it came on was too tall. Worse, no one on DoA seemed to have that particular doll (and I don't think anyone but me does now) so the chances of buying the head alone were slim. But the Little Monica boy body was the perfect size and build for him, so I ordered both the Crobidoll Gillian and the LM boy body (without a head, so I'm not sure it still counts as a whole doll) about a week apart.

      Amazingly, they both arrived on my doorstep on the same day! I was very relieved and pleasantly surprised. My intention was to sell the Crobidoll body since I didn't have a use for it, but then it was usurped by Merrown along with my floating SSDF Cane head and it's defaut pair of grey eyes and a random blonde wig and suddenly I had two complete hybrid dolls when I only had intended to have one. I'm still not sure how it happened.

      Would I do it again? If I had the money to by one, never mind two, I would in a hot second!
    14. Yes, I have done this and you get this hog heaven euphoria out of it that you don't even think how painful it is until you see the credit card bill or run into the invoice later! :) Granted, I am a big tiny abjd collector so I have ordered 2-3 dolls at a time which can be the cost of 1 SD doll. However, I haven't done a crazy binge order for the last 2 years though as my mad money is not as plentiful as it used to be and I've become more selective lately. ;) Darn economy!
    15. A lot of my dolls I buy, then buy another while I wait for the first. Which snowballs sometimes, like when I had 4 dolls in various stages... One was on his way, another was being prepared, one I had just finished paying for, and started a layaway for another. :P
      Once I did order two dolls at the exact same time from the same company; they were both limiteds (and siblings), so I had to get them together. :XD:
    16. Does one and a half count? I wanted another boy SD, and totally fell for the Valentine special edition from Blue Blood Doll. About the same time it was brought to my attention that Elfdoll Lovely dolls could be purchased with everything but the faceplate. So ordered that, too.
      Of course the BBD came within 5 days of the order, but the body took forever.

      Didn't matter, both were taken away by my husband to be my Christmas gifts.
    17. I've done this -- actually with my first dolls. :) I ordered them at the same time. I figured they could 'keep each other company' on the shelf. ;) They didn't actually arrive at once, since one of the two (in huge boxes, they couldn't be in one box) got hung up in customs. I promptly panicked like mad until the second got home.

      I often have dolls show up at the same time -- or within a few days of each other -- no matter when they were ordered, though.
    18. Yup o3o Waiting on three PukiPukis right now, ordered all together. It just made sense to get them together since I intended to get them all anyway, and this way I got free shipping from the company, saving me a pretty decent chunk of money in the end!
    19. I take it back... I have bought two dolls, whole, without the intention of parting them out! I bought an Obitsu Gretel girl and a Bobobie elfkin at a doll con in San Fransisco in 2008! Totally forgot about that.
    20. I have my second one only just coming so never got the change to buy two at once. Would do that actually if got two doll's that I want from same company to get same time (to lessen the shippings as someone already said) if I'd have the money to do that ofcourse :sweat

      Also I'd buy them both if you have enough money for them and if you really want both