Did you ever downsize?

Dec 29, 2017

    1. I don't think I could ever downsize. Even though I don't get out all of my dolls all of the time, and my reasons for liking them vary, I still like all of them. The only one I'm even slightly on the fence about is my first doll, and I don't not like her, she's just completely unsuited for the character she is supposed to be now that I've shelled many other characters from her story in dolls that just aren't in scale with her huge head.
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    2. So far, I have only downsized my collection once, and due to aesthetical reasons - I sold the dolls that didn’t fit in with the collection look-wise. I love all my dolls, and I worked hard on completing my collection, so I make my decisions about selling them based on other things. Even more, I am actually thinking about adding dolls to my collection again since after getting rid of many MSD-sized dolls that didn’t fit into my childlike Soom Little Gem and Luts KDF crew a couple of years ago, I find myself looking at certain adult-bodied Resinsoul and Withdoll Minis and entranced by Minifees...
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    3. Downsizing is something I think I'll have to do in the future cause I just don't have space to display all my dolls and I don't want to keep them in storage. I know they're not alive but I still feel guilty and I'd rather they go to someone who has the space and love for them that I don't.
    4. Did you ever downsize?
      My 'version' of downsizing is to periodically evaluate and sell off the dolls that I no longer find inspiration and joy in. If I don't love one or enjoy one as much as the others, it will go eventually. I also don't like keeping floating heads that I always intend to work on and never do, so they also get moved on after being with me for a year or more and sitting in boxes. Similar to another poster earlier in the thread, I like the idea of my collection being streamlined and not stagnating, so I keep clearing things out to keep the flow going.
      I also have regular clear outs of clothes, accessories etc. Each of my dolls has their own style and wardrobe so when one goes, their things can't usually be passed onto anyone else = selling time.

      If you have downsized your collection, how did you do it?
      I've never found selling dolls to be particularly hard so in the past I've been too hasty and sold off rare dolls/heads I regretted - so now I give myself a lot of time before letting one go. I try doing faceups on them, try different looks. Usually I let go of a few things at a time so once it's been decided, I do one big slew of sales posts. It feels really cathartic to let go of a bunch of things that way, it feels like you've just freed up space for new things to grow~

      Did you manage to keep your collection smaller or did you instead end up "starting over" with your collection (and just ended up with more dolls again later)?
      Because of the way I collect - only keeping the dolls that I love - it's now gotten to a point where all of the dolls with me at the moment are the ones that I feel are perfect for their characters, perfect in general and will probably never leave ^^; I still don't have many dolls but because of the high standard for staying, I expect it'll make it difficult for new dolls to not get sold, thus keeping my collection small. I don't currently have much of a wishlist anyway XD
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    5. I have downsized before but I'm thinking of doing it again. I currently have too many dolls and I would love to cut down to a more manageable number, which I can focus on and enjoy. :3nodding:
    6. My friends have started literally "downsizing" their dolls which means they buy smaller dolls now instead of large ones due to the "out of space" issue. But they haven't sold any of their old dolls because they just love them so much. =)
    7. I completely gutted my collection and took a long haitus. I'm now back to what my small collection was at(4). My collection is mainly limited by finances and a lack of space.
      But selling dolls always was done because I had to or I just didn't like the doll as much as I thought I did.
      I can't imagine having a collection large enough that'd I'd need to thin it out for space reasons. But If i was in the position I'd probably adopt the marie kondo meathod. Do the doll make me happy or am I holding on to it because it used to make me happy/I think it should make me happy?
    8. Did you ever downsize?
      Yes, I did- twice. Most recently was 2019/beginning of 2020. I found myself in a bad financial situation after having purchased an old house that needed tons of repair work... so I decided to sell off some of my dolls. I went from having 20 dolls to having only 9 dolls.

      If you have downsized your collection, how did you do it?
      I do have some dolls that are my favourites (such as my AIL boy who I have had for 12 years now- he's going nowhere!) But I basically just took a good look at all of my dolls, then wrote down a list of the ones that I never wish to let go... and the ones that I did love, but that I felt I could 'live without'. The ones that I felt I could 'live without' were mostly dolls that had small things about them that had always bothered me a tiny bit (one doll had a resin colour that I'd never been 100% happy with, some other dolls were in between sizes and finding clothes for them was always a struggle, another doll was a nightmare to find nice looking eyes for etc etc).
      The dolls that had those small things about them that had always bothered me a bit, were the ones that I re-homed.

      Did you manage to keep your collection smaller or did you instead end up "starting over" with your collection (and just ended up with more dolls again later)?
      I still 'only' have 9 dolls- but I have 2 dolls ordered now that I'm waiting for- and there's 1 or 2 dolls on my wish list as well that I would like to bring home someday >< So my collection is still smaller than what it used to be- but it sure is slowly growing bigger again! :sweat