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Did you get nervous before your first meet-up?

Aug 27, 2009

    1. I'm super-new to the hobby and my boy and I are going to our first ever meet-up on Saturday. I am soooooo nervous! :shudder My brain keeps supplying me with 'what-if...' worst-case scenarios. I wondered, did any of you get nervous before your first meet-ups, or is this just me?
    2. i havent ever been to a meet :) but i am really nervous just thinking about it!! have you got anyone to go with? that'd make me feel soo much better xx anyway have a lovely time!! x
    3. Two of my friends are coming together, and I'm meeting them there. At least I hope they're still coming...*_*
    4. My first meetup, my friends and I were the first to arrive, and it was nerve-wracking. Since we didn't see anybody else who was supposed to be going for several minutes :lol: We had a blast though, and I would do it all again.

      Have fun at the meet ^^
    5. That would be like hell for me...being the only one there. I'm tempted to arrive very late just to make sure that doesn't happen. Thanks, I'll try!
    6. Yes, and I still do, so I don't go to very many.
    7. Oof, I got super nervous before my first meet. Infact, my first meet was only 4 days ago! The what-ifs, as you said, were probably x10 for me because I'm one of the younger owners in the hobby, and I was really scared of being left out.

      But, everything turned out fine! Everybody there was super nice, and we had plenty of laughs, too!

      If you're really nervous, then you should bring a friend that has some interest in the hobby. However, I only went with my mom and we had tons of fun!

      Don't be scared, because you're bound to make some new friends and see some lovely dollies!
    8. I got very, very nervous on my first-meet cause' 1.) I don't have a dolly, 2.) It's my first doll meet, and 3.) I have many "what-if's" but after i came i had so much fun, for the first time i felt connected to them and i feel like I belong ! I'll go to our next one [even if I don't have a dolly, and still am nervous about it]

      Don't be nervous, everybody has a first! :) just be yourself and everything will be ok ;)
    9. I was pretty nervous for my first meet, probably because I didn't have a doll. And well actually i still haven't been to one since my doll came home. I was nervous that I would be looked at oddly b/c I still didn't know all the terms and I felt like I might be the one person there who would be out of place. I've gone to about 6 meets before I get my doll and I get more nervous that i'll be late or in the wrong place but not really nervous about the people and all the doll stuff now. I guess I don't really mine meeting new ppl :).
    10. Heheh well seeing as the first meetup I ever attended was one I organized myself... it's safe to say I wasn't nervous ;)
    11. XD Don't worry, you're DEFINITELY not the only one!

      I was really, really scared before my first meetup--and to make matters worse, I spent a few days reading the thread on why some doll owners don't go to meetups and I almost flipped out. O.o" Even though I had spoken with everyone on the thread and they all seemed nice, I was still worried that I'd get there and be forgotten, or that I'd be looked down on for having Allura, since she wasn't from a well-known company, or that the other owners would be really mean. T.T

      I went with my mom though, and we had an amazing time! Everyone loved Allura and I got to see so many beautiful dolls and meet nice people. ^________^

      Honestly, I had a couple awkward moments, but not a lot! Like, at one point my mom was asking me what size doll she was holding and I told her it was an SD, but someone corrected me and told me it was only MSD sized *sweatdrop* I felt really bad, because I had never actually seen an SD-sized doll in person before. XD The girl was really sweet about it though and even handed me two of her dolls to show the comparison!
      And another time one of the girls stood up her boy so I could take some pictures of him and when I had a few shots I said "Thank you!" and she just kind of stared at me blankly and said; "For what?"

      Overall, it was really amazing <3 I'm sure you'll do fine! ^_________^
    12. Yeah, I kinda was XD but they people there were uber nice and one woman even let me hold and pose her doll (although I refused and only poked at it, didnt have my own at the time). It and even more so, people were around my age so I didnt feel out of place, even made a few friends!
    13. I was really nervous, but also excited, before my first meet. It was at that meet that I heard about this site! In the end, I had a lot of fun, decided I was definitely getting into this hobby, joined DoA, and started obsessing over dollies. *laughs* I still get a little nervous before meets, especially if I've got a new doll, or have changed any of my dolls, or am bringing something new that I've made. I'm getting really nervous about October, as I'm hosting a meet for the first time at the end of the month. But I know that I'll always enjoy the meet, and the company of other doll people. It's also my (hopefully) once a month break from being a mommy and house wife.
    14. I get nervous before/during/after every meet up. :sweat Days in advance, I'm so nervous I can't think.
      'Swhy I don't go to many. :sweat
    15. I was SO nervous before my first meetup. My first doll was a hybrid, an unpopular sculpt, and had my first home-done faceup. I was so afraid that people would laugh at me, or not like me because of my doll. I was lucky that I was going with a friend, or I might have chickened out. :sweat

      But I was so pleasantly surprised! People were super-nice and complimented my girl, and I made some wonderful friends. I've found that generally, people in this hobby are nice and helpful. ^_^ Now I just get excited for meetups instead of nervous!
    16. My first meetup was at the local doll store, so it was easier. My advice is bring food! Everyone will love you! ;)
    17. I was so nervous going to my first meet. I was going by myself, so I was really having the whole "omg what if..." thing and no one to talk me out of it. Didn't know who I was supposed to be looking out for, what was I supposed to do..... but two seconds into the meet, it was as if I'd known everyone for ages and we were chatting, having fun and playing with the dolls.

      Don't worry, everyone at the meet will have been in the "first meet" position, so if you want to double check if something is alright, ask anyone and I'm sure they'll be really super helpful.
    18. I haven't gone to one yet, but I'm not really nervous. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to meeting new people. Also, the people from my area seem to be really cool, from what I've read here. :D

      I don't have a doll to bring yet, so no fun photoshoots could be had, but I think it'd be cool to just go and see all the dolls. I don't think I'd touch any, even if it was offered, though. I'm a very careful person, but you never know what can happen. I think I'd kill myself if I hurt someone's doll.
    19. Oh, of course! I've only been to one so far, and I was shaking and feeling sick and clutching my boy and think 'Oh well, maybe I should just go back to the Dealer's Room instead...!'

      But it was really fun for the short while I was there!~ ^w^
    20. yes, cuz i was scared no one would speak french (i live in in the Quebec, the french province of canada, but the meet was in montreal, the english city in Quebec)
      and i also started to imagine bad stuff such as: no one will like me. no one will like my boy TT^TT
      but im glad it was not true ^^ most ppl were french and tought my boy was cute and asked me what mold he was and stuff about his skin color (i tanned him)