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Did you hate dolls?

May 15, 2010

    1. well sorry if this topic have be made before please if it is do deleted if not this the question.

      Did you hate doll as a child and now you cannot get away from them
      i did i hatte any girl doll in the market when i was a kid hate any doll only play wit me brother stuff , they make cooler toys for kids the girl one where to much for me . ..and now like 6 years ago star collecting BJD and other Dolls and now i cant stop *_*...now i love each and all me BJDS and i am always with me husband planing on buying more for us . now i think that BJD dolls are the pretties ting that any want have invented and i cant get enough of them!:aheartbea

      and how did you get involve with doll in the 1 place?

      well when i got marry for me 5 anniversary me husbing buy me dis cute little BJD( YO-SD)when i saw hem i got Huck and now cant live wit out BJDS :aheartbea. i go to the store and see something cute for the dolls and rapidly go to the toy section and buy always something for them LOL:doh

      please let me now you opinion or if you have suffer the same fate as me :lol:

      (sorry for the bad english grammar)
    2. In my case i did love some dolls before meeting the real beautiful dolls know as asian ball jointed dolls. I love Jem and The Holograms dolls, Sailor Moon later when i started to see the anime, video game fashion doll styles and some Barbie collectors like the Harley Davidson Barbie, Adams Family, Morgan Lee Fay and Merlin and many others. I did like some Strawberry Shortcake dolls (especially for their smell) and i remember owning the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Pink and Yellow ranger fashion dolls. Which this for the so call ''normals'' it is weird for a guy to like but i never care since i always have been myself and 100% proud to be weird :)

      Then i started with ball jointed dolls which i got a passion from the first day i saw the first version of the four sisters, Ian and U-Noss dolls. My dream was to have one ''one day'' and now along with my love i have a very beautiful family :)
      I have enjoy this with my wife very much and we will always will. Our BJD Family has united us more and right now i have a plan to buy 2 more dolls since i want my plans to buy them stuff for them before adding more members to our family.

      We love our whole family not matter the size but we must admit that our yo-sd babies hold a very very special place in our heart.
    3. I didn't particularly like dolls as a child, I much preferred animal toys like teddies, My Little Ponies, Sylvanian Families and pretty much anything horse related as I was a rider up til my teens. I do remember having some porcelain dolls that I liked for their pretty clothes though :whee: When I gave up horse riding I really got back into art and crafts and my mum made a cloth doll one day and asked if I wanted to try one, and from then on I was hooked :XD: I still make cloth dolls, and I got into BJDs as I wanted a doll I could dress and customise without making from scratch. And, you know, I just *needed* another expensive hobby (like a hole in the head!!) haha ;)
    4. never really like dolls much...still don't unless its one of my bjds or blythes....most others still freak me out
    5. I wasn't a big doll fan as a kid. I had a few baby dolls and some barbies, but I was really more into My Little Pony. Plus porcelain dolls freaked me out (and still do sometimes, depending on the doll). I can't say I ever really hated the other dolls, though.

      I saw my first BJDs at Anime Expo. I was fascinated with them. They were gorgeous, and poseable, and in my mind everything a doll SHOULD be that the other dolls weren't. So I guess I fell in love with them right there. :) I have 3 of my own now (4 if you count a Hujoo), and I'm guessing my collection will probably keep growing.
    6. I was never really into dolls as a child. I would play with them but never really liked having them around. I hate Barbies because if you sit them down their legs stick strait out in front of them. I don't like thick baby dolls because I'd rather have my own baby. I don't like porcelain dolls because they freak me out...I always feel like their plotting against me lol...ABJD though...I find them beautiful, unique, interesting. My fiance finds them a little creepy but he's grown used to them.
    7. I've played with dolls (both barbies and baby dolls) a lot when I was a little child. My mother and great aunt had porcelain dolls, which I was allowed to touch, but usually never did and otherwise very careful, without being told so. There are very few dolls that freak me out. So no, I never hated them. I guess I was a girly girl when I was little.

      I think I've met my first BJD in real life on a miniature fair. I should be grateful to my mother, because she loves doll houses and we went there for her.
    8. LOL the same here dint and dont like porcelain dolls and the worst is that me mom have her house full of them :?
    9. I never liked dolls as a kid. The only ones I owned where a Chatty Patty and a Strawberry Shortcake given to my by my grandparents, and they never saw much play time.

      I was seeking a figure or something to use as a character reference for D&D when I came across a modified Luts head on ebay, and was enthralled with the idea of being able to totally customize a giant "action figure like thing" for my characters, and I was hooked.
    10. Ever since I can remember I've been *crazy* for dolls, though I was always dissatisfied with them. As a child I craved something serious, beautiful, realistic and articulated, but unfortunately this wasn't to be had until bjd came out. Oh well, better late than never! ^_~

    11. I never really liked dolls, I didn't see the point. Why have a boring, non-cute, non-fluffy doll when you could have a nice fluffly stuffed animal? BJDs are different though of course. :3 More like action figures. (Plus art projects!) I guess Barbies are like action figures too, but they always looked like fancy moms or something. Strange old ladies. (And Ken was a strange old dad-looking thing with strange, strange hair.) I just found them completely unrelatable.

      I kind of liked the dolls that peed when you squeezed, but only in the same way as I liked anything else that shot water when you squeezed it. I never had one though.
    12. I liked to sew ragdolls and make huge wardrobes for them, but mostly I played with Breyer horses and Star Wars action figures. I have never liked Barbie or any of the Barbie clones (Bratz make my skin crawl!).

      We traveled a lot overseas when I was growing up, and I have always had a large collection of souvenir dolls. They aren't for play, though, but for display (sigh, and currently, in our tiny house, they are for storage).
    13. I never hated dolls. I was just never all that interested in them.
      I had a few Barbies and Star Wars dolls as a kid, and I did play with them, but over-all I was more about my LEGOs, model airplanes and stuffed animals.
    14. I've always loved dolls, can't think of a time in my life where I hated them. During childhood my Barbies and American Girl dolls were some of my favorite toys. Of course, as I got older I felt I had grown out of things like that and stuck to collecting porcelain and Madame Alexander dolls. Soon after, I stumbled upon BJDs, was instantly hooked and stayed hooked for a good year before actually being able to get one.
    15. wahaha, this topic is so relevant to me :)

      I'm scared of any baby dolls and porcelain dolls, and that means I also hate them, pretty much -___-
      I used to have nightmares of those scary dolls being alive and walking in my house....
      ....So much for hating all human-formed dolls except barbie... dunno what the thing with barbie but it's the only human-formed doll that I'm don't hate...

      But I love BJD! Answering no. 2, I first got involved in BJD when I accidentally found a homme kirrill shop photos flying somewhere in the net as I was searching for my school assignment... And my first thought of it : WHOA WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?? IS SOMETHING THAT BEAUTIFUL EXIST???

      And here I am, landed on DOA saving for a BJD....

      Another funny point is, my mother isn't afraid of baby dolls and porcelain dolls... yet she said that BJD is scary O_o So she never got why I'm so in love with BJD and even wanting to save for one XDDD
    16. I didn't hate them... But I didn't love them...
      I used to have barbies and other dolls, but they were not as good as I wanted.
      I wanted something like a BJD. Of course, not resin (I didn't know about it) nor make-up, eyes and wig changeable. I wanted dolls to pose like a normal person (but not action figures... they're tough).
      So, when I met BJDs I fell in love :aheartbea
    17. I liked Bratz dolls a lot. I had a huge collection of over 100. I wasn't really a fan of other dolls though. I still have maybe 20 bratz that I'm selling off and as I look at them i think "wow these dolls are SO ugly. Why did I ever like them so much?" I'm thankful for them though because selling them gives me money for other dolls now.

      I found bjds on the internet when we first got it. I was on imeem and people had pictures of their dolls posted so I went to look them up. I always thought they were all so pretty but I knew I'd never own one because of the price and here I am now saving for an obitsu.
    18. I'm pretty normal I guess, I had Barbie's and baby dolls. I never bought/or asked for any for myself and they weren't my favorite toys, my favorites were my action figures and my little plastic dinosaurs. I think the reason I liked Barbie's was because I could change them, change their clothes and cut their hair.
      I told my Mother I was getting into dolls and she was like "What? You never play with dolls as a kid, you had all those Barbie's and baby dolls and you never played with them!"
      My answer: "These are more like customizable action figures." To which she immediately understood my point. XD I've never been able to turn down an action figure.
    19. I've always loved dolls. I used to collect one porcelain doll a year. :) And of course, I always played with Barbies. But BJD's are still my favorite. :)
    20. I didn't hate dolls, but I never really enjoyed playing games with them, per se. I only liked cutting their hair and putting 'make-up' on them. I was like that kid at the end of Toy Story 2: "You'll love Amy...she's an ARTIST!" My poor Barbies. I guess it makes perfect sense that I've become interested in customizable dolls as an adult.
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