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Did you see a doll in person before buying it?

Oct 4, 2017

    1. I never have... haha :)
      I wanted to examine a doll in person before buying it, but the only way for me to see the doll is through the internet and photos.
      Has anyone looked at a doll in person before buying it?
    2. I never did until I bought them. You could look for a local meet up and go to see the others dolls before getting your own. It’s a good place to start. Most of the time, many of us just jump in and get the first doll and its the first time seeing and holding it.
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    3. In the sense of seeing the sculpt or the exact doll? Both, in my case - I've had some direct doll purchases/trades with local people in the past, and I got my DearSD Tiffany at the LA Dolpa after falling in love with her and putting in for her. Some dolls I've seen the sculpt in person before I got one - I saw a number of Tsukasas over the years before I was finally lucky enough to snag one of my own. Some were sight unseen.
    4. Once. The first time I saw a Dollzone Hal was at a meetup. I don't think I would have ever given the sculpt a second look if I hadn't seen it in person!
    5. I saw a Dollshe Hound at a meetup waaaaay back in 2006 and knew that I needed one. He was my grail and just this year I finally was able to get one! <3

      But I did actually see a BJD in person for the first time and that's what got me interested in the hobby in the first place. It was an Angel Region doll... which you don't see many of those anymore.
    6. Never seen one in person but I tend to watch youtube reviews/read blogs on them to get an idea of dolls in different lighting :)
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    7. I saw a Dollzone Lily at an anime convention and totally loved her, Never even knew about the sculpt before that but I bought one myself soon after. Its a really unfortunate part of this hobby that its so difficult to actually see the product before we buy it.
    8. I never got to see any in person before buying. Since the first head I got was a limited pre-order, there were only official photos and I was so amazed at the cute little head when it arrived :D
    9. Unfortunately, I have never seen a BJD in person before buying one. :eek: I tend to scour the internet for as many images and videos (if there are any) before committing to a purchase because I want to make sure I like the sculpt.
    10. I got to see BJDs in person before I bought my first doll, but not the doll I bought in particular. I got to see a Luke from Dream of Doll, which was a similar sized doll to my Dollshe Husky.
    11. I had never seen any BJD at all in person before I got my first, so that was really a leap of faith! I usually don't see sculpts in person first, unless I'm buying from a friend.
    12. I never saw any of my dolls before taking the plunge and buying one! It would have been great if I could have. Because it's a hobby based on pictures (mostly). I've gone through owning so many different sizes and styles of dolls attempting to find out what clicks with me. It wasn't until AFTER buying every size and gender under the moon that I've finally found my style of doll.
    13. I had o order my first bjd just by seeing the company pictures. I wasn't disappointed, and all these years later, I mostly buy by company pictures, owner pictures, and hardly ever by seeing a bjd in person.
    14. I never got to see my dolls, but I saw some. I was in Austin for an internship, and used the opportunity to go to BJDC on the free day. I had been wanting SDs and was worried about how big people said that they were, but after seeing some, I figured I could handle it.
    15. I went to the last Volks New York City Dolpa and put in for several of the one offs. I was stunned to actually get one.
    16. I did! I was at a doll show and the Doll Peddler had some "Be With You" baby dolls. I bought Paprika. I had wanted one for a long time and was surprised to see her there.
    17. Not unless you count seeing a doll in person that the owner is trying to sell and falling in love right then... which I've done... on more than one occasion.
    18. Yes.

      I've seen several sculpts that belonged to friends or to people attending local meets that I ended up adding to my own collection later... My El, Heliot,Sweet Dream Lucas, Hound and Ryoya are all in that category. I got to see examples of those dolls before I bought my own.

      I also have two individual dolls that I got to tinker with and see "in person" so to speak before I bought them... Issun, my Elf Elly Banji, came from a now-closed local doll shop and Sophia, my one-off Volks Cyndy, came from a Mandarake shop I visited while on vacation in Japan.

      I also bought a headless Doll Family body from a dealer at a doll show once upon a time. I guess he counts, too. :lol:
    19. Never! I saw a bjd on a japanese show once and I remember thinking, wow, what a realistic doll. I didn't even know what bjd's were at that time!

      Years later I saw some crobidoll images on google and fell in love :)

      Another few years later the dolls came to mind again and I decided to buy one, not even knowing I had to customize them with hair/eyes/etc. That was a shock! :lol:
    20. No..don't even know of anyone else with a doll...at least in person. So I went straight in with internet research.