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Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup? - Pt.2

Dec 10, 2017

    1. My first doll came with the default company face-up. However, I wiped it within a year. A couple times I attempted to do my own, but eventually I commissioned a friend to paint her. She has kept that face-up ever since.
    2. My first doll came with a faceup because I didn't think I could do it by myself ^^
      If I'll have to redo it I would probably do it myself ^^
    3. Yes i did get mine with a face up
      I think it's good to get the first bjd with face up as later you can save money to give it new make up
    4. Haven't technically received my first BJD yet, but I'm definitely planning on getting it with a company faceup. It's a tiny, so I feel like I wouldn't be able to do one myself very well at all, plus I feel like it'll help me put my foot in the door with this hobby!
    5. My two first dolls that are arriving this Christmas are both pre-owned fullsets, so they both have faceups already :))
    6. I'm always terrified of doing faceups so my dolls usually come with their factory face up before I work up the courage to do my own
    7. Yes my first doll come with a face up
    8. My first girl came with a company face-up and I'm currently planning to clean her up to be sent in for a new faceup
    9. Most of my dolls come w/face-ups - cause I can't do them and hate the idea of shipping them out again to get their faces done. My old people have to get faceups tho :(
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    10. My first doll came with a company faceup from Resinsoul. I kept it for a long time because I was worried about getting scammed if I shipped his head off. But I wound up shipping him off to kona135/.steo. and I love his new look. I wish I had done it sooner. I would love to learn how to do my own though, so I can really make my dolls my own and fit their characters the way I imagine them...
    11. I had purchased my first doll blank mostly because I wanted to do faceups myself. But I sucked at them and eventually sold the doll because I couldn't bond with her. When I got back into the hobby I purchased a doll with a faceup <3
    12. My first doll came with the face up, but nothing else. I had to buy clothes, shoes, and wig separate.
    13. My first doll came with company default face up. But that was like 8 years ago and nowadays I usually get dolls without face up and send them to shops so that they can have certain kind of looks/images I want for them.
    14. my first one got no face up. my friend did the face up for my first doll, soon i started do it by myself :)
    15. My first doll that I ordered directly from the company, I went with the faceup option. I knew that I was eventually going to send his head off to a faceup artist that I really liked but, I still didn't want him to come completely blank! I'm not sure why, LOL. It would probably just be strange to open the box and see no face? I have a thing about seeing eyebrows apparently. :XD:

      I think in the future though, I'll opt out of the faceup option just to save some money and because I know I won't keep it!
    16. Both of mine I got with faceup. I'll probably want to give them a more unique one eventually, but I didn't want them to be blank in the meantime. The dolls kinda bankrupted my fun money fund, I didn't have the money to commission a faceup artist or buy materials right away. Resinsoul faceups are only $10, maybe if I had gone with a company that charges more for faceups I wouldn't have gotten it. I do like my girls' faceups, I just would like them to eventually have something more individualized to their characters.
    17. First one, yes. I have the imagination and vision but lack the artistic ability to do a good faceup. Second one I was lucky enough to find someone local to do the faceup for me, as I was scared to ship him off, convinced he'd get ruined in transit lol.
    18. With my first bjd I ordered the default face up.
    19. All my bjds came with face ups. There are so many reasons why my bjds must have face ups before they show up at my door!:XD:
    20. I bought my first doll secondhand so she came with an old face-up that I wiped right away. The first face-up I gave her then was a bit messy but I was really proud to do it myself anyway :)
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