Did your FIRST doll come with a faceup?

Dec 16, 2013

    1. When you ordered your first doll did you get him/her with a faceup? Did you send them away to a faceup artist? Or did you do it yourself? I feel like I would enjoy doing faceups, but Id be so nervous about getting it JUST RIGHT that I ended up getting the factory faceup. Wondering how other people feel.
    2. I am ordering my first doll with company face up :) Eventually I will give it a go myself but for my first I would like her to come with a face :D
    3. That's sort of how I feel :-) I'm waiting four months for a doll with no other dolls to occupy me. I don't want to wait even longer until my skills are good enough to make her look the way I want!
    4. Some people are just artistically gifted enough to get a decent result on the very first try... I am not one of those people. lol

      Mine came with a face up. Although part of me thought I could probably just wing it on my own, there was no way I was going risk it, and butcher up my first doll. :eek:
      So glad I didn't risk it, I still really don't have the confidence to pull that sort of thing off. Paper and resin are just too different.
      Eventually when I feel ready/ more experienced I might try it, however I'm still thinking I might just leave it to someone else expertise to do it for me.
    5. My first doll was a secondhand doll, so he had his faceup from his prevous owner. I've done faceups myself before, but I'm not particularly good at it. I have bought dolls blank before though and either painted them myself or had an artist paint them.
    6. My first BJD is an Asleep Eidolon Blueberry I bought from Mint on Card. I bought her with a face up. One that I adored, but unfortunately need to replace :sigh: I decided to get her with a face up because I thought I would do a horrible job at doing her face up and wanted a doll that was ready to go out of the box. I recommend getting a doll with a face up if you love the company's face up and if you want a doll photo ready out of the box. My second and third doll were blank and it was a bit grueling to have to wait more time to have them ready (I sent them to a face up artist.) If you feel you would enjoy doing face ups and have the materials, I would recommend you bought your doll blank and did their face up. I finally got the guts to do a face up on one of my dolls and it definitely helped me to bond with her (she was almost going to be sold but doing hr face helped me identify what I wanted to do with her.)
    7. I purchased a doll with a face-up, but got it a custom one a year later. It gave me time to enjoy my doll and save the money to get a really, really nice face-up for it.
    8. My very first did come with a faceup, he was purchased as an in-stock doll ready to go, faceup and all. I discovered after getting him home, though, that I really, really didn't like it, and he didn't appeal to me until I wiped it and did my own (amateur) faceup on him. He's had a couple of revisions since then, and I've ordered all my dolls blank after that experience; the only ones with faceups not done by myself are a second-hand tiny with a faceup that I altered a bit to fit the character, and one that I commissioned from someone I knew could do a perfect job on him. The more I do, the better I'm getting, though!
    9. Nope, I ordered his head blank because I knew I wanted to do his faceup myself. The first one was pretty messy and I used MSC semi-gloss instead of MSC flat so he ended up way too shiny, haha. It was a nice experience though, and most of my dolls have their faceups done by me :)
    10. My first doll came with a face up. It was nice because she was second hand but the previous owner didn't charge extra for the face up so I got a great deal because I'm actually in love with every detail on her beautiful face.
    11. Yes. I figured it was safer that way.
    12. Up until the last minute I was planning on getting the company faceup on my first doll, for exactly the reason you mention: she was my dream doll and even though I've been painting for years I'd never painted a resin doll face, so I was afraid I wouldn't get her right. But I ended up getting her blank and doing her faceup myself after all, and I'm glad I did. I'm really happy with her now, she looks just how I'd always envisioned her.
    13. All of my dolls have company faceups. I can't really do them myself (I've never tried, but I'm not really artistic like that anyway so I would rather put my efforts towards improving my other artistic-y skills) and I don't have the patience to send a just-arrived doll off to someone else for a faceup. So I always get them with a company one. I think that was an especially good choice for my first doll, because I was really nervous about spending that much money on something that may or may not turn out to be fun for me, and I wanted to do everything possible to increase the odds of my first experience in the hobby being positive. For me that meant a lot of things, including getting a doll with a face I liked right out of the box, and since I liked the default company faceup that came with my first doll that worked out really well.
    14. My first resin came with her default face-up. I added onto it later on though; blush, freckles and such since she came with such a simple one. I might wipe it one day, but I still like it for now. xD

      I like doing face-ups though, they're fun~
    15. Yes my first doll was ordered with face up
      one outfit

      he had no shoes for about 1-2 months..... Shoes actually helped him stand
    16. Yes, in fact he still does have the same faceup but is a bit old and is chipping :( it makes me sad because I really liked it...
    17. My first BJD was secondhand, he had his faceup from Tensiya. It was perfect because I had planned on getting the same faceup from them when I ordered him, so it was wonderful that the Hound I found on the market was from there/had that face up. :lol: Talk about perfect!
    18. My first doll came with a company face-up. Up until her arrival, I had expected that if I didn't like it, I could re-do it myself. Then I saw the details and thought: "whoa. This is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. Clearly there are more prerequisites to face-upping than I thought."

      I've since done some face-ups myself, but I have always felt that getting my first with a face-up was the right way to go for me.
    19. My first doll came with faceup. I did get him secondhand off ebay. It looks like the company faceup, but with some modest additions. One day I plan on adding a bit more contouring and some freckles, but for now I adore him.
    20. I think face up for the 1st doll is a good idea~
      at least it can save some time from waiting:)